What will a girl do when she hints that she wants to flirt with you

1. Always take the initiative to contact you

She likes you and will often take the initiative to contact you and chat with you. You will be amazed to find that she always responds quickly to the messages you send her; more than 70% of the content she chats with you is meaningless…

2. Understand your experience from multiple perspectives, and test you intentionally or unintentionally

A girl likes you and will get to know you in many ways through various channels. Include your emotional experiences, life experiences, etc. She is very likely to start with the people around you and find out your “details”.

Don’t use boys’ thoughts to speculate on girls. Girls are more afraid of being rejected, and they are more patient and cautious about their feelings, so they often take a long time to understand your situation. I believe that as long as you pay a little attention, you can find her concern and temptation towards you.

3. Cater to your preferences

For example, if you don’t like girls with heavy makeup, when she finds out about your preference, she will appear in front of you with light makeup. If you like girls with a little more tenderness, she will also restrain her behavior in front of you. Allow yourself to live up to your expectations – don’t take this for a trick!

When you find that for a period of time, this girl is always silently catering to your preferences, then she should have feelings for you, and she is also hinting to you in this way, I hope you can chase her!

4. She always tells you to hang up first

Whoever hangs up first seems to be a detail, but it actually shows self-cultivation and emotion. In society, it reflects self-cultivation; in the relationship between men and women, it shows emotion. If a woman is reluctant to bear you, she will usually ask you to hang up first, and she will accompany you to the end if you do not hang up.

5. She always listens to your explanations

When you have intimate relationships with other heterosexuals, when you don’t go home at night, when you don’t answer her calls, etc., she will not make subjective assumptions, and then say goodbye, but will take the initiative to listen to your explanation, when your explanation is reasonable, she will will be convinced.

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