What type of female sex toys should you choose?

Most adult sex toys will be in direct contact with the xin organs, so the first is the safety issue. Don’t buy those three-no brands or three-no products because of cheapness.

How to tell whether the brand you choose is legitimate, teach you a few steps to verify:

1. Look at the box

Regular brands have strict product packaging design specifications. The back of the packaging box generally has very detailed product information, including product name, manufacturer name, implementation standards, main material, product barcode, service hotline and official website and other information.

2. Pay attention to product composition

Toys that touch sensitive parts of the body are usually made of silicone (SILICONE) or hard plastic (HARD PLASTIC), jelly glue (JELLY), and occasionally you can see happy toys made of glass, stainless steel, PVC, etc. You must pay attention to the fact that the product is clearly marked as “safe for the body” and does not contain the ingredient “PHTHALATE” (PAES) – the Chinese name is phthalate, which can cause cancer and has been gradually banned in North America and the European Union. This chemical is common and is used to soften plastics and is often found in low-quality sex products.

3. Find out which lubricants your toys need to use, and how to clean them?

Do not use silicone lubricant on silicone-based toys, it will corrode the toys, and water-soluble lubricants must be used every time. Also, be sure not to use regular soap or body wash, most sex shops will sell matching cleaning products.

Next, we will sort out a few well-reputed products for you.

And give shopping suggestions, which is convenient for everyone~ Including sucking toys (commonly known as sucking music), vibrating eggs, vibrating sticks, etc., which have been very windy in recent years~

Category 1: Vibrating Egg (Beginner)

In fact, jumping eggs is the best choice for beginners, because many girls are not ready to enter the body, jumping eggs can be used as your first toy to take you to open the door to a new world. It does not need your skills, the contact area is relatively large, and you do not need to deliberately find sensitive points. Many novices can achieve better results when they use it for the first time.

Most girls only need external use, which not only lowers the psychological threshold, but also reduces the risk of scratching themselves. The continuity of the high-frequency tungsten steel motor vibration will be much more comfortable than the hand.

2. Sucking toys (advanced)

The biggest feature of this type of toys is the small mouth that can “suck”, which can achieve the purpose of pleasing the sensitive point by sucking the sound waves generated.

This type of toy requires users to have a little foundation and to master their external sensitive points, which is often referred to as the clitoris.

When many girls use it for the first time, they may not find it, or it may not feel as strong as the legend. A large part of the reason is that you have not mastered your own point. Sucking force, the diameter of the sucking mouth of these products is generally only a little more than 1 cm, so you need to use the sucking mouth to find your sensitive points when using it.

How to make the experience of small toys better?

The answer is: appropriate with lubricating fluid!

Do you feel sneered when you see this, I am very young, why do I need this stuff?

In fact, whether it is with a partner or self-pleasure, using lube is an act of caring for yourself.
In fact, the pressure is relatively high now. In fact, sometimes it is really not so fast and easy to wet. At this time, if you directly put on the toy, you will feel uncomfortable, but you can completely avoid this by using lubricating fluid first.

It will help you get into the state faster~

Finally: how to clean sex toys?

Let’s clear up a few misunderstandings:

① The surface of most sex toys is made of silicone material, do not scald with boiling water, it will burn the surface material!

② Alcohol disinfection can be used, but after alcohol disinfection, it needs to be cleaned with clean water. If alcohol residue enters the y-channel, it will destroy the vaginal flora, which is not good for the body!

Since the toy is made of silicone material, it is best to use a special toy cleaning liquid for cleaning, because the special toy cleaning liquid does not contain alcohol, and uses a sterilization formula specially designed for silicone material, and after spraying on the surface of the toy, will not damage the silicone material.

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