What to do when a date is in a bad mood

When you are in a bad mood, no matter how good a date is, it will be affected and it will not go well. How baffling it would be if it ended in a quarrel or the end of the Cold War. What should I do to prevent this from happening? Try the following three tricks to subtly defuse dating dilemmas and make both you and your partner smile again.

1. Try to speak with him

Sometimes, when the other party is angry and complaining to a colleague or boss, you echo it at the right time, “That’s it”, a few simple words, the other party will hear it, but it should be noted that what is echoed is obviously the part that the other party has a problem with. Don’t go blindly agreeing. The less error-prone approach is to understand the emotion and echo the emotion itself, not the event.

Objectively speaking, even if you are a bystander, it is the other party’s fault, but because you are emotionally involved, don’t be fair to his theory and refute at this time.

2. Gently interrupt the topic

If the other party keeps nagging about that unpleasant topic, the listener will naturally become unhappy after listening to it for a long time. But you must not tell the other party this directly, otherwise it will add fuel to the fire. At this time, you might as well say, “By the way, there is something…” Cover it with a new topic. The point is to find a new topic in time that can make the other person instantly change their mood, laugh out of nowhere, or start thinking.

The above two methods are practical only when the other party is angry with you for nothing. If the date went well at the beginning, it was because you made the other person unhappy with your own words and deeds, especially when your relationship is shallow, and you don’t know what the other person is usually upset about, what should you do?

The first is to take a deep breath (stabilize your emotions), let go of everything (self-esteem, pride, etc.), apologize first, and make it clear that what you say or do is not malicious against the other party. The habit is often to rush to explain yourself, “I don’t mean it…” The other party will keep entangled because of this, and the debate will eventually become a quarrel. So remember, an apology is more important than an explanation! When the other party is unhappy, any explanation will not be listened to. Apologizing is an attitude that will allow the other person to understand your intentions. When he/she settles down, he or she will naturally be willing to listen to your explanation. dating is king.

A little touch of skin can comfort a lover’s heart. If you want to convey love that is difficult to express in words, a kiss and sealing the other person’s mouth is a good idea. If it is in a public place, the most effective way is to hold the other party’s hand and silently close the other party’s footsteps. Or, wrap your own hands around the other’s hands.

The skin feels each other’s temperature, which will calm both sides. Because, you are conveying: no matter what time, I am by your side, such a signal.

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