What things girls know only after they have a boyfriend?

1️. When sleeping, I like to touch, hug and kiss everywhere. Comes with GPS navigation, accurately identify each part, start fast and accurate!

2️. Misunderstanding of water temperature. He soaked his feet together at home, and the warm water he screamed and said he was going to be scalded to death, but I still stomped his feet into the water!

3️. Obsessed with various sweet names. He keeps changing various names, from wife and baby to silly dog. Recently, he likes to mention “Little Liangren” (he told me earnestly that it’s not just because my hands and feet are cold, but the homonym is “good man”). Moreover, he is also keen on me calling his husband, and he hints that he will attack me without calling for a day!

4️. Comes with cooking buff. It’s easy to cook a table of dishes, and it’s perfectly arranged. For someone like me who can’t make it according to the recipe, I really want to give him a big compliment~

5️. Like to be complimented. I am a person with rich inner activities, and I am not very good at expressing. He always asks for compliments on his own initiative. Even my perfunctory compliments can make me happy for a long time. He also often told me that love is to be expressed. I’m trying to change

6️. A moving compass. Every time I can’t figure out the direction, I have to analyze why it is south and north.

PS: I don’t want to know why at all, lol~

7️. When arguing with someone, don’t be reasonable, just stand with him. The truth needs to be explained when it is calm, and it is the same for boys and girls.

8️. The boy who loves you is more careful and romantic than you. He can clearly remember my aunt’s day, 100-day anniversary, birthdays, festivals, and he will prepare gifts for you with special care. People who love you will always take you in their hearts.

9️. The speed of peeing can be very fast, especially when playing games, it is outrageous, and it does not use paper! ! ! !

10.Don’t say goodbye lightly. He mentioned it to me very seriously. If you encounter problems and conflicts, you should face them and solve them. Don’t talk about breaking up, it will make people sad. This is also to share with everyone~

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