What should you pay attention to when you have sex for the first time? —-Remember your first sex? Part 2

As the first time when both parties are very important, the first love must pay attention to the following matters, so as to help both parties play the most beautiful sex movement.

Clean before and after love

Before the first love, both men and women should wash with warm water.

There is often some dirt accumulated between the foreskin and glans of the boy’s penis. These dirts must be cleaned, and the endothelium must be turned over to clean the inner skin, so as to prevent bacteria from entering the girl’s vagina and causing the girl to suffer from gynecological diseases.

Girls’ vulva has many folds, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and vaginal secretions often accumulate in the folds, and the vagina is located between the urethra and anus, which is easily infected, and must be rinsed before sex.

It is also necessary to properly clean the vagina after love, but excessive washing will often destroy the normal acid-base balance in the vagina, thereby affecting its own sterilization and self-cleaning function, so it is enough to stop.

Learn correct posture

There are many positions for sexual intercourse. Don’t try difficult positions for the first time, as it may cause accidents if you are not careful.

Generally, men go up and women go down. If the girls want to take the initiative, or the boys feel too tired, they can change the position of the female to the male. Learning a variety of postures is conducive to delaying the time of sexual intercourse and experiencing different feelings.

Proper use of lubricants

In a survey conducted by Indiana University in the United States, 2,453 women who participated in the survey felt that they would have a better experience with lubricants when they had sex for the first time. There are also many people who report that they feel in love for longer after using lube.

There are also many types of lubricants. Water-based lubricants are the most common one, which is easy to clean, but not durable enough; silicon-based lubricants have good durability, sticky texture, and better lubricating effect. And most silicone-based lubricants are hypoallergenic, making them more suitable for sensitive skin. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly expensive; oil-based lubricants are very durable and slippery, but they are difficult to wash off, and it is also easy to cause discomfort in the vagina of women. It is not recommended to use them.

Be sure to use contraception

It is understood that before men ejaculate, prostatic fluid will flow out. If you do not observe carefully, many people will not pay attention at all, and the prostatic fluid that flows out contains sperm. very likely to get pregnant.

Moreover, there are some boys who have no sexual experience, who are easy to ejaculate when they are excited, and the probability of pregnancy is much higher. Therefore, when girls have sex for the first time, as long as there is contact with sexual organs, girls must make their boyfriends wear condoms. There will be instructions in each box of condoms, please read the instructions carefully and wear the condom according to the picture.

If the condom slips or breaks, oral emergency contraception is required. Emergency contraception is effective within 72 hours of having sex, and the sooner you take it, the better.

However, it is more harmful to the body, and it is a measure to avoid pregnancy when it is forced.

The correct and safe method of contraception is to wear a condom from the beginning to the end of sexual intercourse.

Ejaculating halfway, or wearing a condom when you feel like you have to ejaculate, this contraceptive method has a 19% failure rate.

The contraceptive failure rate during the rhythm period is higher, because the girl’s body is not a machine, and it is impossible to ovulate very regularly every time, so don’t take chances.

And condoms are not only contraception, but also prevent gynecological diseases and AIDS.

If a boy doesn’t even want to wear a condom, he can’t talk about falling in love with you, and a girl must protect her body.

Must do after play to appease

After falling in love for the first time, although both of them are tired, it is a bonus to say a few love words at the right time and then embrace each other to sleep.

Otherwise, the girl will feel that she will not cherish it and just leave it alone. In this way, the girl’s experience will be very poor, and over time, she will not want to have a relationship.

For the first time, love must be in a comfortable and undisturbed environment. Don’t think about the pursuit of excitement in the woods, and don’t share a room. It is very embarrassing to hear the sound, and it is not convenient to take a shower and clean after the event.

A comfortable hotel is a good choice with a good ambience.

Girls remember to wear a complete set of underwear, and the color of boys’ underwear should not be too flowery, otherwise it is really easy to destroy the atmosphere, and it will leave a deep impression on both parties for the first time.

Finally, I would like to give some advice to girls:

Girls, remember at all times that sex life is never a transaction “you want him”, but a beautiful and natural experience between two people who love each other. It is not a kind of oppression, and it is not to satisfy anyone. need.

Fromm once said in “The Art of Love”: “Sex is the barometer of love, and love is the compass of sex”.

The best self must stay with the right person.

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