What should you pay attention to when you have sex for the first time? —-Remember your first sex? Part 1

When I went out to open a room with my boyfriend, it was the first time for both of them, and they were a little out of control.

He inserted it by hand first, and then stuffed the penis in there. There was no bleeding from below, but there was pain in the lower abdomen, so we didn’t continue.

Later, I tried it again at night, this time Tintin was a third of the way in, and then I let him go out in pain, and he went to the bathroom and jettisoned himself.

At that time, I was bleeding from the bottom. I was very scared, and I was especially worried that I would become pregnant. Because of my inexperience, we did not take any protective measures. It is not yet the time for the next menstrual period, and I am still very panicked.

In fact, not only this girl, many girls will have similar confusion when they first fall in love, and the various definitions of sex life in their hearts are very vague.

Judging from the girl’s narrative and questions, she should be young or even underage, and even if she is an adult, her knowledge reserve is very lacking.

In the girl’s account, she had genital penetration with her boyfriend, which was accompanied by bleeding. Whether it’s full access or not, whether it’s because of a ruptured vaginal valve or bleeding due to a vaginal tear, it’s already considered sex in a broad sense.

Generally speaking, a healthy woman will not experience lower abdominal pain when she is in love normally. The reason for lower abdominal pain may be related to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis symptoms, pelvic venous congestion and other diseases, but Women who have just had sex are less likely to develop these conditions. It is still recommended to go to the hospital to check.

A survey shows that about 42.9% of girls have varying degrees of pain when they have sex for the first time.

Not just girls, many boys will say that the first time they feel like their penis is on fire, it hurts to death.

Under normal circumstances, the causes of girls’ first pain include various vulvar inflammation, vaginal inflammation, cervical inflammation, pelvic inflammation, ovarian cysts, and vaginal valve rupture, but also because of inappropriate size or insufficient lubrication, and sexual skills. The lack causes pain.

Whether you have sex before or after marriage, sex knowledge must be learned in advance

It’s like the first time you drive on the road, you will feel nervous, and sex is relatively private, so only two people continue to learn and explore, will there be a beautiful experience.

For men and women who are involved in sexual affairs for the first time, the relevant operating experience will be relatively insufficient. Many times, when the girl is not sexually aroused or stimulated enough, the boy can’t wait to attack.

And girls will feel a sense of shyness and inexplicable tension psychologically. At this time, the vagina is still very dry due to insufficient or no lubrication, and the rough movements of boys often directly lead to the pain of first love.

Girls like to be seduced. I once watched a video interview with a female professor in Beijing. She said: “A woman’s blossom is not between her legs, but between her brains.”

In the first love, the boy should take the initiative to communicate, break this shy atmosphere through familiar love words and tones, and eliminate the psychological barriers before sexual intercourse.

And spend more time in “foreplay,” doing enough kissing, touching, and flirting to stimulate a girl’s sexual arousal. The best foreplay time is around 20 minutes.

If the girl has bleeding and pain due to the rupture of the hymen, and does not want to go further, it is best not to force the bow, so as not to bring shadows and negative effects to the future sex life.

Follow-up movements should also be gentle, avoid roughness, and do your best to appease the girl’s emotions and eliminate her tension. Of course, girls have to cooperate fully with boys.

If the first love goes well, you will get a very strong sense of satisfaction and a very good memory, and it will even be engraved in each other’s memory, becoming the best memory in your sex life.

No matter what is the first time, don’t be afraid and don’t be overly nervous. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, a novice will be nervous on the road, and if you drive too much, you will naturally become an experienced driver.

We have to look at sex correctly and rationally, just like eating and sleeping, without too much psychological burden. A more harmonious sexual relationship will promote the feelings of both parties. This is also a process that requires continuous learning and exploration.

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