What should be paid attention to when kissing? Sweet Kiss Part 4

1. My personal concern is hygiene.

Please make sure that you and the other party kiss with fresh breath. Even if you can’t brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before kissing, make sure you don’t eat heavy-tasting foods like green onions, garlic, or even barbecue skewers on the day you want to kiss.

You might say, I can carry a breath freshener and mouthwash with me, and believe me, using it a few minutes in advance will have a strong smell, so that the other party will know that you have sprayed something, and there will be a brief separation and embarrassment. Even if you spray it in advance, after 1-2 hours, the taste of your food will return to your mouth.

If it’s unfortunate that you are eating, try to avoid deep kisses, and kissing and hugging gently will not reduce your intimacy.

2. Taboo actions:

If you don’t understand a lot of people, you will “gnaw” on the other person’s entire mouth suddenly, and the saliva will be completely covered without dead ends. After kissing, hehe, half of the other person’s face is wet.

The correct way:

Melt the lips of both sides together, gently hook with your tongue, don’t let your lips cover the other’s lips, and don’t use too much tongue. Just so gently, slowly open your mouth, while stroking each other’s neck, or hugging each other’s back, don’t worry~

In addition, I only mentioned “light kiss” before, but in fact, a deep kiss is the most test of tongue skills. Before he reaches in, you can playfully close your lips to block the other party’s intrusion. As he draws his tongue closer, he begins to relax his lips, allowing the other person’s tongue to enter successfully.

At this time, you can become more active, respond to each other’s kisses with light suction or bite, tentatively hook each other’s tongue with your tongue, adjust your breathing, and try your best to make the other party feel that you are unable to breathe, immersed in the kiss. in full happiness. The fire was completely ignited.

Next, whether you’re continuing to slaughter singles outdoors, or you’ve rolled into a big hotel/home bed, you can continue to burn your lust with sucking and nibbling kissing.

Kissing is the best foreplay, it not only provides a great experience for the next sex, but also increases the intimacy between the two.

Around me, more and more couples have gone from being gluey at the beginning to losing their freshness to each other. They begin to think that kissing is unnecessary and that it is better to have sex directly. Good; in a few more years, there is no need to sleep, and it would be better to live separately. Then they blamed the problem on the fact that time kills pigs and love is short-lived. Please, I am not willing to admit that I am a pig, my love must be kept fresh for a lifetime.

All in all, kissing is the best foreplay. No matter whether you choose licking, biting, sucking, pushing, tongue-sucking, tongue-licking, tongue-chewing, rhythmic kissing, if you kiss well, your love will definitely last forever.


 To make your tongue more flexible, practice knotting the stems of cherries or cherries with your tongue during cherry or cherry season. The smoother the knot, the more flexible the tongue will be. I have tried it myself, and it really works!

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