What should be a real feel when pursuing girls?

Chasing a girl can easily be understood as: giving gifts, picking up and going to get off work, inviting her to play alone, etc. In fact, this statement is somewhat one-sided, and many people only see the appearance.

The reason why some boys will pursue is because the girl has been indifferent or resisted to him before, so he is in a hurry to pursue, this pursuit will of course overturn.

So what exactly counts as a true pursuit of a girl? I will explain it from several aspects:

1. The essence of wooing a girl is actually the process of convincing a girl to accept herself as her boyfriend

In this process, the girl has to check whether the other party meets his needs from all aspects, and whether she has feelings for the man, etc. . . . All a boy has to do is to make himself meet the needs of the girl as much as possible, and to check whether the girl also meets the needs of the other half in the relationship in the communication and interaction.

In this process, whether the personalities of the two parties are in harmony, whether the three views are consistent, and whether each other’s shortcomings can be tolerated each other will become important considerations for whether the two are suitable, and also determine the possibility of the two parties going forward together.

If you just blindly pursue sensory stimulation, lack awareness of your own needs, and only look at one-sided factors such as “appearance” and “body”, then the final result is mostly unfortunate.

2. The process of chasing a girl should not be about getting something, but whether it should be pursued or not.

In the process of pursuit, many boys are cautious and timid, for fear of making mistakes; or they are eager to get feedback. Always thinking about how to get this girl, this is actually a kind of selfish performance.

Thinking too much about yourself will only make you ignore the needs of girls in your relationship, and then you will also ignore your own needs. This is not the normal mentality of chasing girls, and such a mentality will not give you a healthy and stable relationship.

Therefore, we must understand that the process of chasing girls should be a boy who actively strives for what he wants and is responsible for his inner needs. If we learn this, we will not be kidnapped by gains and losses, and we will obtain real happiness, not burden. .

3. Pursuing a girl is a matter of timing.

The timing of pursuing a girl is also very important. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, if a girl has been indifferent or resistant to a boy before, no matter how he pursues it, it will be difficult for him to get the results he wants.

This situation is somewhat similar to the process of an e-sports game. The result of chasing in the “headwind period” and “stalemate period” is basically “giving away”. If you want to achieve success, you often have to chase in your own “advantage period”. The so-called The “dominant period” is that the girl has already developed a favorable impression of herself, and only during this period is it possible for the girl to want you to pursue her.

Therefore, you can only pursue if you have confirmed that the girl has a certain favorable opinion or does not dislike him, otherwise it will be “moth to the fire”.

All you have to do before is try to understand the girl’s attitude towards herself. If the girl’s impression of herself is not particularly good, you must find a way to change the girl’s view or prejudice of herself, and pave the way for future pursuits.

4.Pursuing a girl is taking the initiative to win, not begging

The poorer the boy, the more he has to take the initiative to pursue a girl, because there are many girls who come together with him just because the boy is a little more active than others, even if his conditions are a little worse. Because as long as he takes the initiative, he will make others pay more attention to “availability”.

But chasing a girl is a proactive attitude, not a begging. In the process of pursuing girls, some boys who are less qualified will become too humble, please, or even lose themselves due to various reasons such as inferiority, which is also not desirable.

A good relationship must be relatively equal, while the sought-after love must be unequal and unstable.

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