What secrets have you kept from your partner

What secrets have you kept from your partner

We had just started dating.

After having dinner together, we decided to walk back home.

We were talking and laughing and pulling each other’s legs, when he noticed that one of my shoe laces weren’t tied properly.

‘Tie your laces first. You will trip and fall!’

I had just had a large pizza and a plate full of pasta, all by myself. I was too full to bend down and tie it. Moreover, I was too lazy to even try.

‘I don’t know how to tie them.’

I don’t know why I said that, but I just did.

We were on a crowded road surrounded by people.

In the middle of it, he sat on his knees, smiled at me and tied it for me.

This was 4 years ago. He still doesn’t know, I know how to tie my laces. Whenever, I want to wear sneakers, he always sit on his knees and ties them for me.

I have no intention of telling him.

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