What preparations should couples do before moving in together?

1, Buy condoms, buy a lot. It is best to go to regular stores, or major pharmacies, try not to go online. Do not ejaculate outside the body, it is easy to get pregnant.
2. When two people rent a house, don’t live in each other’s house.
3. Be prepared to quarrel over trivial matters.
4. Clearly plan the housework issues to be done by both parties. There are also many people who break up and quarrel because of housework problems. Don’t think that it’s just cooking, washing clothes, etc., details defeat love.
5. Don’t take a bath together, because, emmmm… not only will you have slaps, but also because girls won’t feel hot when they open very hot water, boys: Oh my god, you’re going to burn me to death! ! ! !
6. Don’t worry about seeing your parents when you live together. Please have a deeper understanding of each other’s character. No matter how well the previous shortcomings are hidden, if you live together again and again for a few months, it will be revealed. At this time, see if you can really accept it. opponent’s shortcomings.
7. Set the latest time for both parties to go home. Unless there is a real urgency. On the one hand, unnecessary entertainment can be pushed aside, and on the other hand, good habits can be developed.
8. If the quarrel is very intense, don’t leave the house easily, and don’t smash the things in the house because of anger. This is also what I need to correct. I always get emotional easily. It’s actually very unsafe to run away from home at night. In the end, the other party will also get tired.
9. Prepare some commonly used medicines at home. Such as diarrhea, cold, fever, etc.
10. Give each other an hour of free time every day. It’s good to play games or read a book quietly. Give the other person some space and don’t push too hard.
11. It is not recommended to put money together, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future if the cultivation is not successful.
12. Don’t get involved in each other’s family affairs. Unless you take the initiative to discuss countermeasures with you.

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