What methods do men use to “enlarge” their penis?

Although countless popular science tells people that the longer the penis is not the better, or the deception of small street advertisements, but in the face of the longer and bigger temptation of penis, it can’t stop the eagerness of thousands of men to try.

In the comment area of ​​18 cm per capita, there are also many “sluggish” people who will ask: “My penis is xx cm, is it normal? Is there any way to make it bigger and thicker?”

From the streets to the Internet, various internal and external pills, ointments, appliances, behavioral exercises, penis fat injections, etc. are IQ taxes or indeed miraculous.

The method of enlargement circulating in the market

pill ointment

Searching for pills and ointments in this area on the Internet, the eye-catching “big, thick” words on the promotional image really hit every man’s pain directly.

In fact, there is currently no scientific basis to prove that these pills and ointments can increase the size of penis.

Some businesses will quietly add illegal anti-bó drugs to internal products, and add nerve-paralyzing ingredients to external products to achieve the effect of prolonging sex.

Although these drugs do not change the size of penis, some men feel that their penis has become larger due to psychological cues after improving their self-confidence.

vacuum booster

The propaganda said that the vacuum erection aid uses the principle of vacuum negative pressure to stimulate the growth of fibers in the corpus cavernosum by repeatedly congesting and expanding the penis.

For people without male dysfunction, not only the effect is not obvious, but also may cause damage to the penis! In light cases, ecchymosis and edema appear on the skin, and in severe cases, the hair of the penis may be bruised and purple, making it difficult to launch. It may even cause the peeling of the penis and foreskin due to improper operation or excessive negative pressure.


Tintin retractor, taking this retractor on the penis for 12 hours not only liberates the hands, but also increases the exercise time of the penis.

Some people claim after 6 months of continuous use: It can indeed increase the length of the penis by 1-2cm, but this rough method cannot actually increase the total volume of the penis, it just makes the sponge body become thinner in a short time. only long.

Arabian Augmentation Training Method

There is a kind of physical training circulating on the Internet called the Arabian milking method. This method mainly uses a method similar to “squeezing milk”, continuously massaging and twisting, and finally achieves the effect of increasing the length, width, hardness and three-dimensionality of the penis.

Is the surgery reliable?

Medicines and physical methods are not ideal, so is it possible to solve the problem of penis size through surgery? There is such a method, but many times, even the hospital does not recommend this method. Because there are certain risks that need to be taken, and it may not be able to achieve satisfactory results.

lengthening surgery

Lengthening surgery is to cut the suspensory ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone, and pull out part of the root of the penis buried in the body, thereby increasing the length of the penis. Although cutting the suspensory ligament can increase the length of the penis, it also causes the stability of the penis to deteriorate, and the male function may also be affected.

Thickening surgery

The penis can be thickened by autologous fat grafting. However, the results of autologous fat transplantation are not permanent. The transplanted fat will be absorbed. Over time, the penis will slowly shrink and shrink back to its original size.

Plus, like any surgery, there are still risks involved. For example, a 30-year-old patient died during penis enlargement surgery when fat got into his lungs and stopped breathing.

In addition, this type of surgery is not something you can do if you want. Usually, it is for a specific group of people, such as Tintin congenital dysplasia, trauma, etc. If the body is normal, perfection is not necessary.

So is there no healthy way to grow penis?

Of course, the best solution is physical exercise! For adolescents, active exercise can promote the secretion of various hormones, which is conducive to the development of penis.

For obese people, fat will accumulate in the lower abdomen and the pubic symphysis area, which may form hidden penis. Although physical exercise cannot essentially increase their penis, reducing fat can expose more penis.

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