What kind of sex toys should men buy?

There are three main categories of male sex toys: masturbators, models and dolls.

1. Masturbator

Everyone is familiar with masturbators, which are divided into three types: airplane egg masturbators, manual masturbators and electric masturbators. The main material is TPE, which is softer than silicone and is the preferred material for the inner core and one of the main materials for physical dolls.

Egg masturbators are mostly disposable products, and most of them are low-priced. Of course, the experience is very general, but this kind of product is easy to carry, and it is very convenient to carry when traveling on business or tourism. It should be an emergency product.

Manual masturbators and electric masturbators are the two main types. Most of the manual masturbators are relatively simple. The advantage is that the size and rhythm can be controlled by themselves. The disadvantage is that the function is relatively simple, and there is no way to free their hands.

The electric masturbator is driven by a motor. The price is high and the functions are more exciting. The disadvantage is that it is noisy and difficult to carry, and it is not very friendly to novices.

A model is also called a name tool, and is sometimes called a soft glue. Compared with masturbators, the model is more comfortable, and most of them use TPE with virtual skin, and the main points of distinction are different parts. The models include small imported models and large-scale real models. NPG is a well-known real model, mainly taking the actress route.

The artificial human doll is said to be relative to the inflatable doll. Now there are very few inflatable dolls, and most of the sales are physical dolls. The internal material of the physical doll is basically a steel skeleton, and the exterior is divided into three categories according to the material: TPE type, silicone type, silicone head + TPE body type. The material here refers to the material of the head and body, excluding other small things such as external installations.

TPE dolls are characterized by softness, high tear resistance, and a feel closer to the human body, but they are prone to oil production, and improper use can easily lead to staining. Silicone dolls are dolls made of silicone material. They feel harder than TPE dolls. The dolls are more delicate and can be shaped closer to real people. The price is also the highest among these three types of materials. The combination of silicone head + TPE body can give full play to the advantages of TPE material and silicone material, but there may be a color difference between the head and the body.

The above is the basic classification of male sex toys. As for which one is better, it depends on you.

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