What kind of female body attracts men the most?

A woman’s figure has always been the point of excitement for men. What kind of figure do men prefer? Can the popular “skinny” really arouse men’s libido? Let’s have a look!

1. Body symmetry

That is, the left half of the body should be exactly the same as the right half, and the limbs should be well-proportioned. Randy Thornhill, an evolutionary biologist at the University of New Mexico, has been working on symmetry for the past 15 years. He entered the faces and bodies of different people into a computer with a scanner to determine the ratio of symmetry. The survey results show that both men and women feel that the opposite sex with good body symmetry is more attractive. Thornhill explained that this is a genetic advantage that indicates a person has good survivability and at the same time that she/his body is very healthy. In contrast, men observed women in slightly different ways, placing more emphasis on the symmetry of their faces than their bodies.

2. Sexy chin

Women with short chins and men with thick eyebrows are the most popular. Men and women with these traits are more attractive because they portend reproductive health, Thornhill said. Estrogen restricts the growth of the bones in a woman’s lower face and jaw, making them relatively short, and it also controls the growth of a woman’s eyebrows, making them more prominent. Men are influenced by testosterone, which contributes to a good lower face, chin and thick eyebrows.

3. Coordination of waist-to-hip ratio

Devendra Singer, a psychologist at the University of Texas in the United States, studied the waist-to-hip ratio and found that women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 (indicating that the waist is much thinner than the hips) are the most attractive to men. Scientists have analyzed the body types of Playboy magazine models and Miss America contestants and found that most of these women have waist-to-hip ratios below 0.7. For women, men with a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.8 to 1.0 are the most attractive, and men’s broad shoulders are also more arousing for women’s sexual desire. Studies have also shown that people within the ideal waist-to-hip ratio range, regardless of their weight, are less prone to cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. And women who fall into this range will have less difficulty conceiving.

4. Soft body odor

German scientist Manfred Milinski and others found that people instinctively use their noses in the process of choosing a partner, and judge whether the other party is suitable for them according to the smell. Scientists explained that this function of relying on smell to help identify a sweetheart is related to the body’s immune tissue. When people are close to each other, the odor emitted by the body will be sensed by each other, and it will be judged whether it will cause discomfort to the tissues and organs in the body. Generally speaking, this identification of the other’s body odor will not be affected by external odors, that is to say, although the appropriate use of perfume may help to enhance the other’s goodwill, it will not play a decisive role. A University of Chicago study also showed that women like men who have a similar body odor to their fathers.

5. Perfect boobs

The perfect breast will attract the attention of men, and the most perfect breast curve, from the front, appears to be an “equilateral triangle”, which is commonly known as the “golden triangle point”. These three points are the depression in the middle of the collarbone. As well as the two nipples, if the straight line connected by these three points is an equidistant equilateral triangle, it is in the perfect proportion of the “golden triangle point”.

It is really not an easy thing to cultivate into a woman that everyone loves. Most of the above are innate. If you want to cultivate in the later stage, you must rely on a certain amount of perseverance to exercise your imperfections. To have a head start.

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