What kind of body touch is not foul?

There are also gender differences in physical contact. In fact, in most cultures, women physically interact with other people more frequently than men. Overall, men seem to be more prone to “skin hunger”; women, on the other hand, use Non-Sexual Touching to express friendliness. But in the eyes of some men, it may become a sexual invitation…

So in a relationship, physical contact is like two sides of a coin, as good as it can be, as it can be distressing, or even hurt—so certain principles must be followed in order to sustainably Have fun.

Under normal circumstances, the first step in making physical contact, of course, is to obtain the consent of the other person. What is the difference between sexual harassment and sexual harassment if the other person does not agree?

Physical contact suspected of fouling generally has the following signs:

1) The intimacy of touch far exceeds the intimacy of relationship;

2) The sniping is sensitive parts, such as chest/part, butt/butt, etc.;

3) Ignore the feedback of the other party, and continue after the other party expresses rejection.

If all three of these items are met, then there is no doubt that it is proper sexual harassment.

In common scenarios, what kind of physical contact is appropriate and can evoke pleasure rather than disgust?

1) Step by step, establish a relationship first, and then try to make physical contact;

2) Contact does not have to be related to sex, simple handshakes and hugs can also convey affection;

3) Learn to read the air. If the other party expresses dissatisfaction, they must leave in time and apologize.

In recent years, a new type of social mode has occurred among modern people, only sleeping in an embrace, without substantial relationship. The purpose of this is to satisfy the thirsty needs of the skin.

For women, if you’re not sure the other person can be trusted, don’t try it lightly. Even if you do make an offer, it is best to make an appointment in a safe and familiar place. If you feel uncomfortable, you should immediately draw a line and end the relationship.

In addition, I still hope that you will start by interacting with your friends. For example, even classmates and colleagues of the same sex, pinching each other’s shoulders, massaging each other’s shoulders, and tying their hair, these highly interactive little actions can also increase the mutual affection.

Finally, I hope everyone can get the satisfaction you want in the pleasant physical contact between both parties~

If you really can’t find someone to hug, a little tip: ask who has a cat~

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