What is the signal that you want to have sex?

When two people live together, how do they send the signal “let’s have sex tonight” to each other? This is really a serious and practical problem.

When we were still dating and in love, we would only date two or three times a week at most. Under the premise of this frequency, basically every meeting would mean that you would have sex that night.

Your prep work can start before the date, and when you’ve finished watching the movie, eating, taking a walk, and returning to your place, basically having a little rest, you can start having sex right away.

But once you live together, you will be together every day, so how to release the signal of “make love tonight” becomes a very particular thing.

Especially for gays, having sex is not something that happens on a whim, but it requires a bit of troublesome preparation.

A friend, who did not want to be named, said that when he first started with his boyfriend, he had set a day of the week to have sex so they would have time to prepare.

Whether it’s a light meal ahead of time, or prep for the shower.

But this method is not feasible.

Because as long as a certain day is set to have sex, making love becomes a task, and when it becomes a task, there is absolutely no interest at all.

The first time it was okay, but the second time his boyfriend couldn’t stand up, because the psychological pressure was too great, and he always felt that he was a sinner to perform daily tasks and failed to complete it.

“Having sex has become a task that must be completed one day, which is really not advisable. Slowly, you don’t want to have sex anymore,” the friend said.

Another friend, who also did not want to be named, said that they tried to come casually, and when they wanted to have sex, they started making out, and when they were close to making out, they stopped to wash.

“It’s really a risky thing to do,” said a friend.

Because under normal circumstances, you are already hardened during the first stage of intimacy. At this time, interrupt it and let another person clean it. The cleaning process will take about half an hour at least.

This half hour is enough for both of them to soften, and once you soften, it is not so easy to get hot again.

Because the point where you’re most excited and thirsty is past, it’s harder to re-mobilize.

After two more difficult cleanings, but the other party couldn’t get excited again, the friend also lost interest and patience in sex.

There is another friend who is very willing to give his name but I prefer not to let him appear on the screen. His approach is more heroic.

He directly changed his daily eating habits. He only eats light food every day, less oil, less salt, and a small amount of staple food. The daily supply is mainly vegetables and fruits, as long as the nutrition is balanced and the stomach is kept clean and clean.

In this way, every time he needs to have sex, he can meet the man with a little preparation.

But the reason why heroic is heroic is because he is really a person who loves eating meat. Before living together, he was almost always fond of meat. As a result, after living together, he could only feed himself as a rabbit and eat light food every day. Forget about the grievances in my heart.

But eating meat is really easy to cause greasy and unclean.

“Sometimes, I also wonder, is it really worth giving up meat for sex?” he said.

You can’t say “let’s have sex tonight” because it’s easy to make sex a task and lose the fun.

You also can’t do it whenever and wherever you want, because there will either be unpleasant surprises, or you’ll miss the best time by stopping to clean up.

It is also difficult for you to be fully alert and ready at any time, because that really requires inhuman perseverance.

How can I start having sex in a natural, interesting, refreshing and clean way after living together, it’s really worrying.

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