What is the process of arousing female libido?

The compliments, affirmations, and caresses make women feel safe and relaxed, and then the stimulation at the genital level becomes meaningful. That is, the second step to arouse a woman’s lust: the stimulation of the sensitive zone of the female body.

There are too many parts of women’s sexual pleasure, and there are great differences between individuals. So there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The only way is genuine communication and religious exploration.

If you face a woman who understands her desires very well, she will directly tell you where she is sensitive. If she’s too embarrassed to say it, you can try asking her. If she doesn’t know what she’s sensitive about, you can explore her sensitivities with her and give her body a really hot and sexy stimulation.

From top to bottom, little by little, slowly try, find, explore. Use your hands, mouth, hug, caress, rub, kiss and other organs and gestures. Explore and stimulate her from the scalp to the head, around the neck, ears, upper back, inner arms, chest, lumbar spine, coccyx, bottom of thighs, inner knees, ankles, and even the soles, insteps, and soles of the feet.

While exploring, observe, listen, touch and feel her reaction, when, where and what kind of stimulation will have a more obvious and stronger response, so as to show some or all of the 7 characteristics of female erotic arousal, sexy and charming . Straight male students, please remember that in the process of exploring, you must continue to sincerely praise and affirm your female partner.

Because the so-called sexy and charming is actually a narcissistic mechanism of women. It is when she feels that she is particularly attractive, and she is full of attractiveness to the world, especially to you, and she can’t help but exude that kind of charming romance.

In short, every woman is a treasure. As long as you have an eye for beauty, you will be able to find a way to praise her. For example, her eyes are so beautiful, her voice is so beautiful, her breasts are so beautiful, her ear hammer feels so good, her hair is so soft, her skin is so white and tender, her waist is so sexy, her hips are so curled up, her legs are so beautiful, her hands are so beautiful…

This also shows that the most flirtatious organ in humans is not the sex organ, but the brain. A woman or a man who really knows how to enjoy sex must make full use of his brain to make love, and use praise to let the brain participate in the communication of the body. Praise can make a man brave, complacent, and “hardened” quickly. Compliments can also make girls like buds, fully open and full.

Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance. A woman won’t you be doubly happy because you’ve become so vivid, full, rich, charming, happy? Especially when you’re in love with the woman too, and the woman has a crush on you.

Finally, I emphasize again, don’t be a scumbag, be active on contraception, and make sure you get her permission before entering the big meal. She is safe, free, willing, and happy.

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