What is the premise of arousing female libido?

Therefore, the premise of awakening a woman’s erotic desire is to let the woman turn off the autonomic nervous system dominated by sympathetic nerves, and turn on the operation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of relaxation, so that the woman feels psychologically safe, her limbs will relax, and her brain will be able to relax. Will allow myself to be drunk, to have fun.

In practice, every woman’s safety valve is different. Some women with very open sex concepts have been trained to be as rough and simple as men. When they see a good-looking man, a man they love, or a pornographic film, they can quickly enter the state and rush into desire.

But more women, in the face of sex, generally have a higher safety valve, which is the so-called self-defense mechanism. After all, human female animals, that is, women, not only are females in the animal sense, but also women in the social sense. The slut humiliation and sexual repression in the long patriarchal civilization and patriarchal society have been exacerbated by thousands of times. When women face sex, the nervous system is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of tension.

Women often complain that men are in a hurry, that there is no foreplay, or that simple foreplay with just kissing the lips and stroking the clitoris is simply not enough. In fact, what they complained about was that the man jumped to the next step, or even the next step, before he took off her heart wall. This also explains: why many men can be sexually separated, but many girls can really achieve sexual separation? The fundamental reason is that a man’s erotic arousal does not require the opening of this safety valve.

Opening a woman’s safety valve often requires high-quality love, or skills similar to love, such as a series of love, care, affirmation, encouragement and acceptance from men: nice love words, gentle caress, negotiating tone, clean Ambience, soft lighting, aphrodisiac music, decent flirtation, and most importantly, full praise. Especially the wholehearted compliment.

Men, if you want to see a female companion open like a flower under you, you must learn to praise her wholeheartedly, explore your female companion like a treasure, and praise her like a rare treasure. Even have this awareness: If you think a woman is boring in bed, as long as she’s not really pathologically apathetic, then you must be the one who doesn’t know how to turn her on.

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