What is the difference between applying a mask in the morning and applying a mask at night?

Applying a mask is something that many delicate ladies often do, because the mask is rich in essential ingredients, which can quickly repair the skin, but when using a mask, some people like to apply it at night, while others like to apply it in the morning.

So what are the differences when we apply masks at different times?

The difference between applying a mask in the morning and evening

1. Apply a moisturizing mask in the morning

After a night of sleep and rest, the skin is usually in a state of dehydration when waking up in the morning. At this time, it is more suitable to apply a moisturizing mask.

This will not only quickly add moisture to the skin, but also make your follow-up makeup to achieve the desired effect, and it is not easy to appear the phenomenon of sticking powder and makeup.

2. Apply a functional mask at night

After the baptism of ultraviolet rays and makeup during the day, the skin is generally in a tired state at night, and from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, this is the best time for the skin to repair itself.

Therefore, choosing to apply a functional mask at night will not only allow the skin to be effectively repaired, but also avoid a series of problems such as dry lines, dullness, and roughness on the skin.

3. The effect of applying a mask after menstruation is better

Many young ladies feel that before or during their menstrual period, they are prone to acne on their faces or even their skin will deteriorate. At this time, they always want to take care of their skin, but one week after the menstrual period is the best time for skin care.
Because the metabolism will become very strong after the menstrual period, choosing to apply a mask at this time can allow the skin to fully absorb the nutrients and ingredients in the mask, so as to achieve double the effect of applying the mask.

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