What is the biggest lie between men and women in love

No one has ever lied, and there are always many reasons for lying. The lies that appear in the relationship between men and women are even more frequent. So, what is the biggest lie a woman and a man have ever told?

There is a survey of 4 million people, and the title is “What is the biggest lie women lie?” Options include: I’m trying to lose weight; I’m just looking at it, not buying; you’ll be honest with me and I’ll forgive you…etc. As a result, many men who claim to be in love many times and think they know women well are wrong.

According to the survey results, the biggest lie of women is: if you tell me the truth, I will forgive you.

Are you smiling when you see this? If you are a woman, you must be very proud, because this is the way you are used to. Regarding this point, women really understand the meaning of the phrase “confess, be lenient, resist strictness”, and know how to use it. Therefore, whenever a woman interrogates a man’s stealing behavior, she always uses this sentence to the fullest, and even has to match it with various expressions and tones, which is extremely sublime. Most men will take it for granted and feel that women are magnanimous and will forgive him. As everyone knows, once you tell the truth, she will definitely change her face. It’s not that the woman is hypocritical, it’s that she really can’t stand it. She may have really wanted to forgive you at first, but the thought of you messing with other women makes her feel dirty, humiliated, and unacceptable.

And what is a man's biggest lie?

I love you? Will I be with you forever? I would never touch other women? In fact, the biggest lie of a man is: I love you more than yourself. “I love you” is a love story. It’s true or false. In some moments, even if it’s false, it doesn’t matter. “I will be with you all my life”, this may be true, as for how it will develop later, the man himself cannot control it, so it is not a deception. “I will never touch other women”, some people may be able to do it, because they lack the conditions and courage to steal, they can objectively self-discipline and practice. But “I love you more than yourself” is definitely the biggest lie.

Why? Because a man always loves himself the most, he is looking for you just to have someone to accompany him, to have children for himself, to reproduce the next generation, and to complete the continuation of the race. This is a man’s instinct. Even if he doesn’t want children, he just needs a woman to take care of him, have a romantic relationship with himself, and solve his loneliness. This is a man’s psychological needs. Men can’t live without women, that’s why they need women the most. Therefore, those words that I chose you to take care of you are actually ironical, and actually want you to take care of him.

Not only should a woman not believe in the phrase “love you more than yourself”, but she should also understand that even if you love men, you can’t love yourself more than yourself, because they treat you the same way. So if a guy asks you if you love him, you can answer, “I love you, but I love myself more!

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