What is special about women who are ovulating?

According to a study in Evolution and Human Behavior, women who are ovulating are more likely to take greater risks than they prefer conservative options when faced with a choice. That’s because the same area of ​​a woman’s brain that is responsible for choosing a partner and assessing risk is active both at and before ovulation.

Especially when faced with non-social choices such as financial investments, women who are ovulating can be desperate. Therefore, during the ovulation period, women should be more cautious about investment or job opportunities, patiently listen to their partners’ opinions, and make final decisions after rational thinking.

Change the way male partners communicate

Do you sometimes feel that your male partner is speaking strangely these days? It’s not to contradict you, or to say something out of tune, don’t be in a hurry to dislike him, because he may be fascinated by you.

According to a study published in the PLOS Journal, Embry-Riddle researchers found that women who are ovulating make men unconsciously maintain a different speech style from them.

It may be this unusual way for men to differentiate themselves in their mate search, hoping that women will notice them for their wit, humor and unique insights. Communication between women is not affected by ovulation. That said, whether a woman ovulates only has an effect on how a man speaks.

It is easy to have the idea of cheating

During ovulation, women’s mate tastes tend to be wild, gritty, and masculine. Men with high androgen levels seem to have better genes in the eyes of ovulating women.

Because of this, women are more likely to cheat during this period. According to a study published in Psychological Science, the scent a woman emits during ovulation can influence the men around her to secrete more male hormones, which in turn makes ovulating women more attentive.

If ovulating women happen to be dissatisfied with their current partner, this “chemical reaction” with other men can easily allow them to break through the moral line of defense. This is because of the hormones that the body secretes.

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