What is sexual orientation? What are the categories of sexual orientation?

Used to describe a person’s emotional and sexual attraction to people of a specific gender. It is normal for many people to feel uncertain about their sexuality or find that it changes over time.

Sex In addition to producing offspring, sexual attraction also determines how we see/accept ourselves and how we approach relationships with those we attract.

What are the sexual orientations?

Usually divided into the following categories:
Heterosexual likes people of the opposite sex

Bisexual people who have feelings for both men and women

Homosexual likes people of the same sex, including gay/lesbian

Pansexual Pansexual people who have feelings for any gender

Asexual people who have no sense of gender

In addition, there are Aromanic loveless, Graysexual (between asexuality and sexuality), Demisexual (with someone to have a strong enough relationship to have sexual desire), Polysexual polysexuality, Panromatic (for any Sex can produce love, but no sexual desire) and other sexual orientations.

What specific groups does LGBTQIA+ refer to?

LLesbian lesbian

GGay gay


TTransgender Transgender

QQuer/Questioning Uncertainty

IIntersex Dual Sex

AAsexual no gender

+ other

What is gender identity?

Simply put, it is the gender we identify with, including our internal self-image, the way we choose to dress, our gender orientation, and how we talk and socialize.

For example: If you are a girl physically, but mentally think of yourself as a boy, then your gender identity is male.

Know that not everyone is born lucky – getting the sex they want.

Can sexual orientation be changed?

Sexual orientation is not a choice and therefore cannot be changed. But many gay/bisexual groups may hide their sexuality to avoid unnecessary trouble, accusations of prejudice, etc.

Attempts to convert someone to heterosexual orientation, including so-called conversion therapy, are both clinically and morally unreasonable.

Symbol of rainbow flag

The rainbow contains a variety of colors that are distinct, and the expressors embrace difference, embrace diversity, reject uniform standards, and reflect on time.

In fact, these six colors represent life, healing, sunshine, nature, harmony and spirit.

Quoting a sentence: “When a group gives the impression to others that they are all good-looking and very talented, it can only prove that this group is disadvantaged in society. Only the disadvantaged and discriminated groups need to take advantage of some outstanding advantages. To leave a good impression on everyone, so as to change everyone’s prejudice and views on some things.”

In fact, the LGBTQIA+ community is just like everyone else, they are ordinary people. Cry, laugh, and love someone desperately.

A beautiful society is an inclusive and diverse society, and a happy home must be full of unconditional love.

No matter who you are, no matter who you love, be brave to be yourself, be brave to love, be brave to live.

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