What is Sexual Consent?

“Sexual consent” is an agreement to engage insexual activity, and all persons involved in the sexual activity must express their explicit consent, otherwise the sexual activity will be regarded as sexual assault.

Where it is limited, people who are intoxicated, intoxicated, drugged, etc., may not be able to express their refusal at all, and it is also difficult for people who are threatened with death by the other party.

But does this prove that they are willing? Apparently not.

Genuine sexual consent is considered to have five characteristics – FRIES (the abbreviation of the five characteristics can form the word for french fries, and french fries are therefore used to indicate the importance of sexual consent).

F is Freely given, emphasizing that sexual consent is voluntary and free, and the choice is made in a state of no power oppression, no pressure, no deception and control, no influence by alcohol and other substances, and a completely rational state;

R is Reversible, which means that sexual consent is revocable. This revocation can not only happen before the start of sexual activity, but also during the process. As long as you feel uncomfortable and want to stop, you can exercise your rights at any time;

I is Informed, which means that the person participating in the sexual activity needs to fully understand the whole picture of the activity, and his consent is valid.

For example, a boyfriend promises that he will use a condom at the beginning, but it is useless in the end, or he secretly takes it off in the process, and the other party is completely unaware of it, which may lead to pregnancy or infection of women. constitutes a crime similar to rape. There was such a case in Canada, and the man was finally sentenced to “violent sexual assault” and sentenced to 8 months in prison;

E is Enthusiastic, when the connotation of sexual consent is constantly enriched, just “consent” is no longer enough. A positive sex that both parties enjoy requires “passionate consent”. Reluctance and reluctance to agree may be difficult to perceive, but enthusiasm is generally not misunderstood. If it is not active consent, it means that the other party Not wanting to be in a relationship with you, or in a hesitant stage.

S is Specific, which means that sexual consent needs to be very specific. Just agreeing to kiss or touch does not mean agreeing to have sex.


However, these are not sexual consents.

Sexual consent does not exist in all circumstances, and in the following cases, even if both parties express “consent”, it cannot be considered reasonable and legal.

The first is that children and minors under a certain age cannot give valid consent to sexual acts. This is a legal requirement. Although the age of sexual consent stipulated by each country is different, as long as they have a relationship with a minor under the legal age , regardless of whether the other party agrees or not, it is regarded as rape.

Secondly, people with mental illness or mental conditions are not sufficient to understand sexual activities, their consent is also invalid; in many countries and regions, the law also stipulates that people who are drunk to unconsciousness also do not have the ability to consent to sexual activities.

In addition, Canadian law also considers whether there is a power relationship between the two parties. If the other party is your teacher, employer, medical staff, etc., then you are likely to be subject to the other party’s authority and have to agree. When one party is forced to agree , which is also not true sexual consent.

Finally, there can be no deception in sexual consent. If one party uses deception, such as lying about age, marital status, or religious beliefs, to obtain the other party’s consent, sexual contact in this case is also considered involuntary.

Now, judge your first time with your partner, is it sexual consent?

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