What is romance

Romance is a feeling without any embellishment. Dazzling jewelry with soft music, and a candlelight dinner, is it romantic? It is undeniably a good feeling, but a few people have been romantically involved. Can a person who has been romanticized once like this be able to be romanticized a second time? ? Is it romantic to sit in a luxurious car to see the stars in the sky? It’s also very romantic, but after all, it’s not a movie, how can there be that suitable scene, just the right breeze, and intoxicating lines…

So romantic is hard to find, so romantic is gone?

Let me give an example, feel what I call romance:

A friend of mine was still in class on her birthday. After school, she walked back home with heavy steps. When she walked downstairs, she saw that the floor was covered with small candles.

The candlelight illuminated the entire corridor, and a winding candlelight road was placed in front of him. As he walked all the way, the exit of the road was his home. Her boyfriend stood at the door in formal clothes to greet her when she came back. A fragrant bouquet of flowers…

There is a friend whose girlfriend has a recurrence of stomach disease and is bedridden. She has not eaten any rice all day. The friend ordered a takeaway, Korean bibimbap. After the meal was delivered, the friend did not rush to deliver it to his girlfriend, but opened the lunch box. Slowly removing the onions that had been mixed into the rice, one by one, someone was puzzled and went up to ask: Since she doesn’t eat onions, why didn’t she tell the cook not to put them at the top of the rice? . A friend said: If you don’t put onions, there will be no bibimbap flavor, and there is no appetite. How can you bear to hurt her sense of taste?

There is an old man who has never touched the pots and pans for many years of marriage. On the day of his wife’s 65th birthday, he got up at 5 o’clock to catch the early market. Busy until the afternoon to make a table of lettuce. Wiping away the sweat from his head, he raised his disappointed eyes and looked at his wife, who was greeted by his choked sobbing.

There is a friend who is still young, just in junior high school, his girlfriend went to study abroad, he went to work in a ramen restaurant, saved a full 2 ​​months of money, bought a ring for his girlfriend, and mailed it across the sea. Go out so that you can get a present on time for your girlfriend’s birthday.

What is romance? Romance doesn’t need to spend money and money. Sometimes it’s just a look, a sincere greeting, a bunch of simple flowers, an old love song…

If you are rich, then an expensive dinner is far less romantic than cooking by yourself. If you are good at cooking, then cooking by yourself is far less romantic than writing a nonsense love poem. If you are talented, but at the same time Being poor and down and out, such an exciting love poem is far less romantic than buying a bunch of cheap roses with the money of hard work…

At that special moment, enjoy the moment that makes people have to be moved, and then slowly appreciate the thought of the other party for this simple moment. This is romance.

Some people say that romance is useless. In fact, romance is a test. If you don’t even bother to create romance for the other party, how many credible Ruoduo vows are there?

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