What is prosthetic breast augmentation and what are the dangers?

​​Full and firm breasts are the dream of many women, and many women will seek various methods to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement. At present, most women do more breast augmentation surgery with prosthesis implantation, so what kind of prosthetic breast augmentation? Is there any harm?

1. What is prosthetic breast augmentation?

Prosthetic breast augmentation refers to making an incision around the chest, then implanting the sculpted silicone into it, and finally suturing to achieve the effect.

Advantages: Wide adaptability, wide choice, supportive prosthesis, and can correct mild breast sagging.

Disadvantages: The operation time is slightly longer, the pain after the operation is great, and you need to be hospitalized. Certain incisions and extensive dissection under the pectoralis major require several days of recovery and forced posture.

For people:
1. Congenital mammary gland hypoplasia, into micromammary deformity;

2. Breast tissue atrophy after endocrine disorders caused by sterilization and other reasons;

3. Mild breast sagging;

4. Congenital breast sagging;

5. Congenital bilateral breast asymmetry;

6. Congenital chest deformities, such as Poland syndrome;

7. Breast loss after breast surgery.

2.what are the hazards of breast implants?

1. The prosthesis is a foreign body for the human body. After the prosthesis is implanted into the human body, there may be a rejection reaction. Once the rejection reaction occurs. If it is more serious, it may be necessary to remove the prosthesis to control the rejection;

2. Capsular contracture may occur after implantation of breast implants. Capsular contracture is mainly manifested in that the chest will gradually harden, and even the breast will be deformed. Breast compressions are generally recommended in the early stages to prevent capsular contractures. However, if it is more serious, it is necessary to remove the prosthesis and remove the capsule to achieve a better effect;

3. The prosthesis is basically not particularly afraid of massage or extrusion. If there is acupuncture or other serious violent impact, it may cause the prosthesis to rupture. If the prosthesis ruptures, the prosthesis must be taken out.

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