What is the Classification of sex ?

I think different people have different feelings when they interact with each other. My classification is based on feelings, not relationships, whether you are a romantic partner or a sexual partner or something else.

You have a preliminary understanding and screening with him, and you are sure that he can have sex with yourself, and there is no mutual physical injury or violent disease. All in all, the goals are the same.

The performance of a person in the whole process of sex, you will feel a kind of emotional fluid sex pleasure, this feeling is not only felt from the language expression, it feels that the body and the heart are very happy, regardless of size and technical differences Tongue sensitivity, etc., it’s not to say two words, baby, you are so beautiful, baby likes you, maybe the other party doesn’t talk much, but you just feel that his heart is open, his eyes are looking at you, his fingers are flowing Like nectar and jade liquid, he is happy to meet without conditions, and the emotional interaction of the moment is flowing. If there is a desire to conquer, then this kind of purpose is looming under the gentle touch, or he takes the password that can master you to be happy as the self-satisfaction of conquering success, as a kind of elite mature socialization. But this desire for conquest or purpose is for emotional interaction, and the tension of control is for feeling and feeling. If you don’t resist, you are sure in your heart. When the desire for conquest and the feeling of pleasure conflict, he will choose Feeling, he chooses the two of you instead of just satisfying the individual, you enjoy this kind of sex with spiritual communication, he gives you without conditions, and you are also willing to serve each other, in short, this kind of spiritual flesh with an open heart The pleasure of the combination is wonderful, I can’t forget it, and I will eat it for half a year.

One is that you talk too much, maybe living together, maybe a partner, maybe in the courtship stage, but in the process of sex, you can’t feel the flow of emotions, you can’t feel the expression of emotions, you can’t feel the individual. , can’t feel the vitality, he also asks you how you feel and talks to you, he is also touching the piston, but you are drifting away or not focused, maybe you have discussed movie food, you are even under the same roof Cooking, bathing, sleeping, excretion, but you feel that his heart is closed, or that he does not feel that he is a big living person, you will feel that he may want to give you some kind of contribution by giving you sexual pleasure, get The capital of being loved, but, but he doesn’t open his heart. The secular definition may be called the sea king or the scumbag and the scumbag, that is, you will feel like you are on a machine. This kind of sex is a bit of pleasure but can’t get enough to eat, even if he is 18 cm, he can’t get enough to eat, nor does it rely on technology and durability to win.

The feeling of sex brought about by the openness of the other person’s heart and the non-openness of the heart is not at all on the same level.

I personally think that the goal of all human beings is that love is interaction and evolution. Connecting with each other through the joy of sex and experiencing life and feeling each other’s hearts are also the way to warm each other’s hearts, but first of all, you must know where your boundaries and bottom lines are. Don’t give hard, give generously. Some hearts may be traumatized and don’t want to open up and don’t want to pay. This is a personal choice. If you don’t want to interact and want to be alone, you can rely on toy technology, etc. If you only hand over a few hands and vaginas, it is everyone’s freedom. No moral criticism is made here. But since the sex of the two big living people should have interaction, high-quality sex is not only piston movement, but also feels flow, that is, what I am doing is that a big living person is a lovely soul, not me. A machine, or a machine is messing with me.

This process is also the process of distinguishing the world and distinguishing people’s hearts. Like attracting each other, resonating at the same frequency, whether it’s a bully or an idiot, you can distinguish the level by communicating more, whether it is true or false. Look at the current feeling, although everything in the human world is an illusion, but in the three-dimensional world to find companions Opening each other’s hearts and letting the inner fragility flow and disappear is also an evolutionary methodology. It is also a pleasure to see the world through other people’s eyes. Open hearts are two big living people, and if their hearts are not open, they are two living dead people.

Also, I don’t agree at all that quantitative change leads to qualitative change. Having a lot of sexual experience means having good skills, and thinking that you are the authority of sex is only a narcissism medal taught by society. I don’t think you have reached the core level of sex, and you have not reached high-level pleasure. How to confirm the value of sex I think you two have seen each other, both of you want to jump and jump and pull each other to open the room, the little heart flutters, hands and feet try to suppress the urge to touch each other, the surface is calm and the waves are overturned inside, such a description is a bit It’s like pretending to be a tyrant in love, in short, you both know that you have impulses, it’s either someone else or ta.

I personally feel that the sex pleasure brought by the opening of two hearts is similar to the union of soul and flesh. May you be strong and sharp, may you surrender to gentleness, and may you recognize your companions. As for what kind of sex relationship exists, both parties need to explore and discuss.

At the end of the writing, I wish all the lovers of the same kind in the world can experience the most explosive sex pleasure when they are alive.

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