What is love

The poet said that love is a flower in front of you, the blooming splendor, a touch of pink in spring, a ray of concern in the autumn wind, a string of dings in the summer rain, and a warm sun in the winter snow.

The musician said that love is the sound of a flower blooming, the mystery of a gust of wind, and the projection of a cloud. Quietly listen to the petal of the heart, the fragrance overflows the blue sky, and the heart lake is clear.

Philosophers say that love is the person who walks into your life, watching the sun, moon, mountains and rivers with you, and enjoying the life process from warm and romantic to plain water.

Although there is no predestined marriage in this world, that kind of love that falls in love at first sight and is nostalgic for a lifetime does have the power of destiny. The reason why love is beautiful is because it is the silent appreciation of the soul, the willing understanding and tolerance, the perseverance that bears the storm together, and the touching warmth in the shallow years. Generally speaking, the quality of love depends on the quality of the soul of the lover.

Love, like this autumn harvest season, can’t be stopped when it comes, and can’t be kept when you leave. When you are not ready, it comes, and when you get used to it, you leave. In this fleeting year when flowers are blooming and falling, every emotion is like this fickle weather, unpredictable and unpredictable. Once youthful, fearless, always wanted to exile that beauty to the end of the world. The end of the world, in fact, is already very far, far away. Some emotions, like youth, will gradually drift away from you. In the hazy youth, after tasting the green fruit, the heart can experience the vicissitudes of life like this season, the lead is washed away, and it is full and heavy.

Nothing can stop a blossom, just like no one can stop a love. The meaning of life lies in perpetuation, and the meaning of love lies in fidelity. Hardships in life only make strong people stronger, and twists and turns in love only make loyal hearts closer. When there is hope in the heart, the autumn water does not feel long; when there is hope in the heart, the end of the world does not feel far away. Regardless of life or love, what we need is a wait that is neither impatient nor boring.

Many people ask, the most important thing in love is to respect each other like a guest? Or share weal and woe? In fact, the most important thing in love is not to give up. True love is never as simple as “I love you”, it is the most unforgettable collision in the deepest part of the soul. If there is no such collision, it will not last forever in the soul, and it will not accompany the years. The flow is long and indifferent fragrance.

The process of love is a long journey. In addition to spending time and money, there are also obligations and responsibilities. Those things don’t seem romantic at all, and they are even heavy. They require your lifelong energy. Those most real and moving love letters are not written on paper or sung in their mouths, but are put into the hard work of the family in the group. Love in the true sense begins when a family is formed. Everything at the beginning can only be regarded as a prelude to love. The thick and wonderful content will be shown in the later chapters of life.

It is not difficult to fall in love with someone, what is difficult is to love someone all your life. The nature of love is to pursue eternity. When two people fall in love, they must do their best to defend their love. The survival time of a love is long or short, and there must be a shortest limit, which is the guarantee of love as the quality of love. Less than this limit, no matter how warm the two feelings are, they can only be counted as a momentary infatuation, not as love.

Love can regenerate and destroy. Learn to love correctly, and learn to cherish the hard-won love. Because of caring, so care, in fact, the lover’s heart is very fragile, can not stand repeated torture. Everyone wants to be understood, everyone wants to be happy, to be able to tolerate your unreasonable and critical, everything comes from the compatibility and tacit understanding of the heart. No matter how far you have traveled, the one who is always by your side is the one who is always in love. The world is so big, how difficult it is to meet someone you like, a turn around may be a farewell!

True love is not because of material wealth, not because of beauty. If you love you enough, you will put everything down; if you don’t love you enough, there are always various reasons. Like is not love, but love must like; true love has no reason, the reason is true love. Loving someone is not a momentary treasure, but a lifetime treasure. The so-called lover is the person who can make you love; the so-called handle is the person who stubbornly holds hands and does not let go. What accompanies you for the rest of your life is a heart, a heartache, a tolerance, and an unshakable persistence. Find someone who truly loves you and you will have real happiness!

A good love should have tenacity, it can be pulled apart, but it can be pulled continuously. Learn to look at each other with understanding and appreciation, instead of taking care of each other with self-righteous concern. Love does not change each other, but mutual growth; love does not depend on each other, but mutual trust. I’m not half yours, you’re not half mine, I’m not yours, you’re not mine, we’re all self. Those who love each other do not bind each other, which is a manifestation of each other’s confidence in love. No one restricts anyone, and in the end, no one is inseparable from another. Holding the hand of the son and the son grow old together, guarding each other in the wind and snow, the wind and rain are on the same road, and the flowers bloom and fade with each other. Lasting love comes from true love from the heart of each other and is based on equality. Anyone who only cares about a crazy lover and not whether he is loved or not, or who only enjoys being loved without knowing who he truly loves, will not have a good ending.

Love is a gamble that cannot be lost. After placing all the bets, if you win, you will get a lifetime of happiness; if you lose, you will only be left with scars. There are always some people who know they can’t afford to lose, but they still want to gamble, and they can’t persuade or stop them – this is the charm of love. I always think that love can fill the regrets of life, however, to create more regrets, it happens to be love. Cloudy and sunny, the love in the world continues to repeat itself in the world. The taste of love is so indescribable, it is extremely sweet, but at the same time it often brings helplessness, melancholy, distress and sadness. However, these painful experiences are not the rich gifts of love, a precious wealth that belongs first to the soul and then to art. The works of great poets from ancient and modern times at home and abroad are the best proof.

Someone said: The greatness of love is that it can stand the test. What kind of love can stand the test of time? Many people fall in love with quarrels so they break up, and some people fall in love with flatness and break up. In fact, the one who really accompanies you to grow old is the kind of person who does not have too many accidents and does not have the original heartbeat, but never leaves you no matter what. From passion to family, from touching to gratitude, from romance to staying together. The longer the time, the less willing to leave you, this is called a lover!

It’s a reality that you don’t love someone but want to marry him. It is helpless to love someone but not marry him. Life and love are often not on the same track. What makes you happy in the end is not because of love, but because of suitability. No matter what kind of shoes, the most important thing is to fit; no matter what kind of marriage, the most beautiful thing is harmony. Don’t just covet the luxury of shoes, but wronged your feet. What others see is the shoe, what I feel is the foot. Feet are far more important than shoes, this is a truth proven by countless facts. What you like the most is not necessarily the best; what you think is the best is not necessarily the most suitable. Only the most suitable, is the most worthy of your treasure.

There is no absolute right and no absolute perfection in love. Love can be a deep-seated, unrequited love that knows each other, or it can be a determination to get rid of the witch’s heart is not a cloud. Love can be as low as the dust, but also the humbleness of flowers, or it can be the pride of not asking each other since the end of the world. When love can’t be synchronized, your sincerity is exchanged for the other party’s indifference. When you play the notes with your heart, but they can’t resonate with him, or, he clearly loves, but he hurts again and again, and he doesn’t mean it. This shows that love has come to an end. What you need to do is not to keep it, but to pat the dust on your body, smile, and take a breath of fresh air to see him off. I would rather turn around proudly than bow my head humbly.

There is a kind of love in life, and there is a kind of love that understands you. It is quiet and unseemly. Watching from a distance, not saying a word; not asking for anything in return, just wanting to be in love. Love is very light, does not disturb each other’s world, only walks in the depths of the soul; love is very quiet, does not interfere with each other’s life, and only resonates in the spiritual realm. The eyes that can look at each other are the most beautiful scenery; the hearts that can know each other are the warmest feelings.

Since ancient times, the love that people have been pursuing is to get together and to combine, but now it is different. Sometimes love is not for getting each other. To love someone is to care silently, to quietly put love into each other’s hearts, and then to secretly miss and miss them all the way, that is to let the heart follow each other for love. This kind of love is not always thought about, always remembered, but not in the eyes, but in the heart, because the two lovers have been integrated into each other’s life. The most simple love is to have a tacit understanding without a word, to miss without thinking, to look at each other and to be warm, and to be separated is not lonely. Of course, a person can love like this, but he can’t love deeply; he can be affectionate, but he can’t be persistent. Because deep love is easy to be hurt, and attachment is easy to be burdened. Appropriately maintaining a certain distance is a wise and rational choice.

In fact, all beautiful stories have no ending. They are beautiful only because they have no ending. It’s like why tragedy is always more memorable than comedy, and it’s like people are always looking for true love, but they often miss it. It’s not that this era is far from love, it’s that people didn’t think about using a heart in the first place To firmly warm another heart, not love is no longer eternal, but impetuous and changeable heart!

Love has always been a beautiful and sad thing. Life has always been a mixed experience. Like life, love is slowly understood and slowly transformed. When you meet love in your life, you are destined to grow with love. Love, stroke by stroke, has been engraved into each other’s lives from the moment it started. Years later, even if they get separated accidentally, they will still remember each other, I once loved you, and you once loved me, and that’s enough.

Love is always a topic that people will never tire of. There are so many poems and sentences praising love throughout the ages, and there are so many moving love stories. If there is no love, life is just a simple shell. Life is beautiful because of love. Isn’t love a subtle practice for life? Love, what kind of beauty is that moving? You dare not turn it on, for fear that its fragrance will all run away, that its temperature will disappear all of a sudden, that the back will be blown away by the wind of reality. It is full of longing and full of contradictions. Both warm and sad; both crazy and hesitant. The magma-like enthusiasm that spewed out from the bottom of my heart can only be comforted and calmed down by the tide of reminiscence again and again. If the experience of “love” enriches life, then the experience of “love” enriches the soul!

A person who understands you may bring you a lifetime of love and happiness; a person who doesn’t understand you will make you understand a truth, a stubborn melon will not be sweet. In human life, understanding is more important than love. A long-term relationship is the real fate. Those who like you want your present, your beauty, and the temptation on your body; those who love you want your future, give you happiness, happiness, and promise you to grow old together forever.

The happiness of a woman is that he really loves me; the happiness of a man is that she is worthy of my love.

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