What is love like

Love is spring rain. The place that has been nourished by love always appears to be full of vigor, every clump of weeds is delicate and beautiful, and every sapling is graceful. When spring comes, the raindrops of love are like pearls, always strung up and scattered. When spring is gone, the little flowers of love either end up or wither.

Love is the wind of autumn. When love is gone, it is like wind and sand blowing across the field, withering and yellowing everywhere, leaving only bleak and bleak, and desolation everywhere. The autumn wind swept away the withered branches and leaves, leaving behind the strong branches and buds of life. When the next spring comes, when the spring rain drops and the spring breeze blows, the world will wake up again, and the buds of life will be hung on the green branches again.

Love is a floating cloud, always floating, free to come and go, unpredictable, one time it will dress up the sky colorful and clear, and another time it will be cloudy and stormy. When the sky is clear, there are few clouds, and people see bright clouds; when it is overcast, there are many clouds, and people see dim clouds. There are always many clouds floating in the sky, very bright and beautiful, dazzling and dizzying, but there is only one of them that really belongs to you. But the sky is not always clear and cloudless. When the cloud of love begins to change its color, that’s when the weather and mood change. Whether you catch a cold or feel relaxed, depends on whether you can understand and grasp it. It is very exciting and easy to be sunny for a while, but it is difficult to be sunny for a lifetime. To find true love and keep the color of love forever, you need to understand the sky, love the clouds, and tolerate the dark clouds.

Love is mellow wine. When stored in a bottle, it is crystal clear and radiant, which is very attractive. When poured into a cup, the fragrance is mellow, radiant and exciting. When drinking in the mouth, the wine hides all the illusory brilliance, leaving behind the astringent truth, spicy and bitter. Those who haven’t drunk don’t know the mellowness of wine, and those who haven’t been drunk don’t know the strength of wine. Colored wines are gorgeous in appearance, more attractive, more fragrant and sweeter in the mouth, but more bitter in the aftertaste after drinking, and soon forgotten; wines without color are simple in appearance, more intoxicating, spicy and bitter in the mouth, but drink After that, the aftertaste is sweeter and will not be forgotten for a long time. The shorter the age, the more fragrant the wine; the longer the age, the sweeter the wine. It’s okay to drink big gulps and eat meat in large chunks, but it’s impossible to taste the quality of wine and the deliciousness of meat. Good wine needs to be tasted slowly and carefully, and love needs to be cared for, nurtured, and cultivated bit by bit. Drinking a little wine can strengthen the body, but drinking too much can damage the liver and spleen; love is not the case, the deeper the love, the longer the relationship, the more refreshing the person.

Love is a moving boat. What is on board is the life and happiness of every passenger. Water can carry a boat and capsize it. Without water, the boat cannot go; if the water is too fast, the boat cannot go either. When the boat moves, the river moves, but when the river moves, the boat doesn’t necessarily move. When the weather is calm, the boat sails smoothly, the green hills facing each other on both sides of the strait become commonplace, and the hardships and greatness of the helmsman become worthless in the eyes of the boat. When the waves are rough, the boat is on the top of the waves, and only with the firmness of the helmsman can the boat travel thousands of miles. People who are immersed in love are often easily drowned in each other’s advantages, often ignoring the difficulties around them, with only green hills and tenderness in their eyes; people who live together are often drowned in each other’s shortcomings and often exaggerate the difficulties of life. , There are only scorpions in the eyes, thorns everywhere.

In fact, love to put it bluntly, ordinary, ordinary, is that men and women understand each other, respect each other, support each other, love each other, learn from each other’s strengths, comfort and considerate. The protagonists of the story are always men and women; the scene of the story is always family and society; the plot of the story is always a man falling in love with a woman or a woman falling in love with a man; the ending of the story is either a tragedy or a tragedy Comedy, there is never a middle way.

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