What happens if you take birth control pills after pregnancy

In order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, female friends will use many different contraceptive methods to achieve their goals, but sometimes accidents always occur. Of course, no matter what kind of accident, it is not intentional. For example, some women take contraceptive pills but still become pregnant, and some women take contraceptive pills without knowing they are pregnant. What happens if they accidentally take contraceptive pills after pregnancy?

If you have found out that you are pregnant, you can no longer take birth control pills, because some components of birth control pills may harm the development of the fetus. Birth control pills are mainly to change the secretion of the cervix, and achieve the effect of contraception by preventing the passage of sperm.

Although the data proves that it does not cause fetal malformations, it is prone to miscarriage in pregnant women, and the miscarriage rate is still high. Therefore, please do not take contraceptives after pregnancy. If you do such a thing when you do not know the pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for an examination after finding out that you are pregnant, and inform the doctor about the relevant matters during the examination, and the doctor will assist in the judgment.

The contraceptive pill itself also has certain side effects. Women who take contraceptives for a long time may experience a small amount of vaginal bleeding, or cause menstrual disorders, and even cause amenorrhea symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended that you try not to choose the method of taking contraceptives for contraception, and use other methods such as condoms.

No contraceptive is absolutely safe, but taking contraceptives may be safe, but it is not safe for the body. Many women have excessive estrogen secretion in the body due to taking contraceptives, progesterone is too strong, and the skin will Become dull, these are the side effects of birth control pills.

Since contraceptive pills have these side effects, women who take them for a long time are not in good health. If you have an accidental pregnancy and take contraceptive pills, you must be very careful at this time. As long as you find pregnancy, you should check in time, and take contraceptive pills if you are pregnant. What will happen, such a question, still have to check and see the results.

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