What does a woman notice most about you on a first date

The first impression plays an important role in people’s interactions. Unmarried men and women want to leave a deep and good impression on each other when they meet for the first time. Men, do you know that women will pay attention to you on the first date?


Many women, in public opinion observations, show that they are not so nervous about their appearance. However, many girls admit that looks are still very related when chatting with their friends. Let’s face it! When you are attracted to a person’s appearance, you will only like him energetically and emotionally.

Appearance is related to other aspects that will be mentioned below, because when people associate with people they think are attractive, they will subconsciously ignore the secondary bad aspects and focus on the secondary but good aspects. It’s true, whether you’re on good terms with them or not. That’s why good-looking people are more productive when dealing with a lot of people (like the business of selling).

Curiously, appearance has other influences. When you get to know someone, if you don’t like him, you will think he is not good-looking; or, if you like him, you will think he is charming.


On the first date, girls will almost immediately notice your neatness. Unless the date involves doing something physically demanding together, you should dress neatly and smell good. Really, even if you’re going to do something physically demanding, you can’t go wrong with getting it clean at first.

You also need to keep your face clean, which is also very stressful. You should always shave and trim your hair. In other words, whatever beards appear on your face, it looks like you left them there on purpose, not because you’re too lazy to take the time to take care of them.


Whether it’s a first date or not, this is the most common reason why an otherwise beautiful date is often ruined. When you’re dating someone, your attention should be on them. Not only does this mean that you shouldn’t keep looking at people, it also means that you can’t take off your phone to make calls, or talk about events, etc.

If at the time of the date, your attention starts to lose, you have to tell the other person that those things are not nervous, even if it is not so. If you say so, they will get used to it, thinking that it is true. You can totally trust me about this.


Women will also notice, especially when they meet for the first time, but in the future, they will also notice your clothes. You want to make sure you’re well-dressed, clean and tidy.

What’s even more stressful is that the grade of your dress should be in line with the other party’s. If you dress more formally than them, or more casually, they will think it is very restless.

Conversation skills

Another thing girls will notice right away is your conversational skills. If you talk well and can tell a lot of funny things, they will like you and want to talk to you more, especially if you can be very good in her verbal and non-verbal exchanges Take control of your speech.

On the other hand, if you always have “kindness” in your words, she will get bored and start thinking about other things. So, if you want to make a good impression on her on the first date, you have to hold her attention.


One of the most stressful things, the most stressful thing, is that girls remember how happy they were on their first date. If you’ve already set a date and set up some fun things to do when the two of you can be together (without rushing from one place to another, the center has no time to spare), it also means that you think She deserves your energy and time to set up for this date.

It will also allow her to associate you with the joy left in her mind. As long as she thinks about the joy of that date, she will think of you. It is very valuable to be able to connect a person with those beautiful time and happiness mentally, and to make sure the relationship is right and wrong.

her nervousness

All the details presented above (except the first), when put together, express her nervousness towards you. On your way to your appointment, you should spend some more time and effort to fully prepare yourself for the date. You’re telling her that she’s nervous about you, so you value the time she spends with her.

On the first date, the tension of the other party is the key point to pass the first date and maintain a long-term relationship in the future. This is also the tension factor in maintaining a relationship that is being planned. No one likes to invest their time and energy, heart and affection when they are not valued. Therefore, on the first date, they must take care to make them feel that they are valued, and in order to maintain a long-term relationship, they should do so on every future date.

Being valued by the people you are with is a very tense feeling, not only for the first date, but also for maintaining the relationship between two people. It also has a huge effect on your physical and mental health.


The items mentioned above are all within your grasp, and will affect whether the girl you date feels valued or not. While good looks can make her feel good about you (stupid, but that’s it), looks aren’t as intense as some other aspects, especially after the first date.

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