What do you think love is?

Why are people so sweet when they first fall in love, but once they live together, there will be so many contradictions? Some people are constantly looking for love, chasing the sweetness in it, so when love turns sour they’d rather change someone than find out what’s wrong with each other…

what do you think love is? What is true love? Does everlasting love exist? Maybe after reading the following articles, you will have a little bit of feeling…

At the party that day, a friend brought her to the party, and suddenly you found that her conversation and her behavior were exactly what you imagined. You have dreamed that one day, when you are in love, your her is like this. It seems that when she smiles, you are fascinated, so you approach her, talk to her, gossip, and just hope to see her smile again. Gradually, you will want to find her when you have activities, and you will do everything possible to make an appointment with her. Her appearance will make your heart beat faster, and her failure to make an appointment will make you beat your chest. You asked her for her phone number and started trying to chat with her about life, interests, and opinions, just to make a good impression, and even to create the illusion that the two of them get along very well.

In line with her interests, you start to change yourself, accompany her to watch art exhibitions, drink coffee with her, watch movies with her, go shopping with her… Do your best to increase the frequency of meeting, because you can’t see her, you can’t have tea Sifan was unwillingly upset.

You are familiar with her. When you start looking for her, she looks for you. When watching a movie, you will want to touch her hand; when you are in line, you will want to pull her shoulder; when drinking coffee, you will start to look for some intimate topics. ; When eating, you will want to cut beef and feed her with your fork; when you are thirsty to buy drinks when shopping, you will hope that she will not finish drinking and share a cup of milk tea with you…

You learn to show her intentionally when you are in a bad mood, let her see your frowning brows and the lonely look in your eyes, and expect her to take the initiative to care and greet. Therefore, you began to exchange your thoughts, share when you are happy, comfort each other when you are sad, and when the time is right, you understand her personality and thoughts, and understand her vulnerability and strength. One day, you deliberately upset her or tempted her, creating a chance for romance. Under the stars at night, you embrace each other, feel her body temperature, and even the scent of her hair. Can’t help it, you stroked her tears with your hand, when she looked up at you, saw the remaining tears in her eyes, and touched her cheek with your hand, you would tell her that you liked her, and you put your hand across On her face, she lifted her chin and kissed her gently.

what do you think love is?

A little bit of temptation,

a little impulse,

A hug and a kiss?

Naive children, watch too many idol dramas. It may be part of love, but definitely not the majority. The main body of love is life, living together. Can you accompany her momentary sadness, can you accompany all her pressure? You can give her body temperature, you can give her life direction? Have you ever thought that when the enthusiasm fades and hugs and kisses are no longer attractive to you, how do you go on?

Love is definitely not looking for it when it is missing, nor changing it when it is tired.

You can’t blame her for withdrawing halfway, because she can’t see life in love.

Life is the purpose of love. Life here is not about living well alone, but how two people can live well together.

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