What do you think about the connection between fitness and sex?

Fitness and sex associations come naturally when clothes are removed to reveal the curves of the human body

Fitness itself is closely related to the word “sexy”. When the layers of clothes are removed during fitness, and the curves of the human body are revealed, the association between fitness and sex will naturally come naturally. As an ordinary man, when you see the convex and concave figure of the opposite sex, the raised buttocks, and the slender thighs, don’t you have any ideas? It is normal to have thoughts, but it is not normal to have no thoughts!


Similarly, most women are obsessed with men’s muscles and strength. In fact, these are not just the relationship between fitness and sex, but the instinct of animals. Fitness is only “sexy”. Like animals, peacocks open their screens, Rattlesnake dancing, etc. are also a way to transmit sex and love, and human beings also yearn for a good figure, good looks, strong, and more money. In addition to being healthier, fitness also has a function of attracting the opposite sex and attracting the opposite sex. It also reflects self-confidence, and this self-confidence is brought about by fitness. So a strong figure is always more attractive to the opposite sex than those who look sick.

Of course, fitness and sex can also be completely related, so that male gynecologists will not have the same height as female patients. As an ordinary person, it is difficult to avoid the original desire of human beings. For example, when you see sexy pictures, won’t your hormonal curve change?

The benefits of running and other sports not only improve sexual function, but also have more benefits, and their significance to health is far greater than “sex life”. If you only exercise for “sex”, it is no different from animals.

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