What do you need to know about condoms?


Latex: Most condoms are made of latex, which is inexpensive and versatile. However, about 8% of the population is allergic to latex, so use it with caution.

Polyurethane: Suitable for those allergic to latex. The condom made of polyurethane has strong toughness and thermal conductivity, and its elasticity is not as good as that of latex. However, the ultra-thin thickness of 0.03mm can increase the user’s pleasure. Not allergic either.


Silicone oil: Silicone oil has good lubricating effect and high lubricating durability. Because it is insoluble in water, the lubricating effect is still the same even if it lasts for dozens of minutes; also because it is insoluble in water, it will become more difficult to clean up afterwards, and there will still be residues even after careful cleaning. Do you still have a slight greasy feeling on your body after you wash it before?

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid acts as a water-based lubricant and is soluble in water. This point is very different from silicone oil when cleaning, and it will be cleaned up as soon as the water is flushed, and there will be no greasy feeling at all. In addition, during use, due to the characteristics of water-soluble lubricants, it will have a special water-retaining effect, which is very friendly to women. Since hyaluronic acid is soluble in water, the lubricating duration of the lubricant is not as good as that of silicone oil. If the man’s physical strength is good, it takes tens of minutes and an hour at every turn, and it may be necessary to change the TT halfway.

condom size

Large condom: A condom with a nominal width of 55mm has a diameter of 35mm at the opening.

Medium condom: A condom with a nominal width of 52mm has a diameter of 33mm at the opening. (Most common)

Small condom: A condom with a nominal width of 49 mm has a diameter of 31 mm at the opening.

Extra-Small Condom: A condom with a nominal width of 45mm has a diameter of 29mm at the opening.

Classification of condoms

Regular Condom: The most common type of condom used by men.

Oral sex condoms: Contains edible lubricants in a variety of flavors.

Anal condoms: The material is thickened to prevent breakage during use.

Finger condoms: It is hygienic and safe to use on the fingers.

Female condom: For female use, it has a higher degree of safety protection.

How to use condoms and precautions:

1. A new gel condom must be used before each sexual act;2. Carefully tear open the individually sealed packaging bag and avoid using sharp tools such as scissors;
3. Pinch the front end of the condom with your fingers, squeeze out the air, and then put it on the erect penis;
Reserve space at the front of the condom;
4. Ensure that the condom covers the entire penis;
5. If necessary, use water-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants (such as glycerin, white petrolatum) will cause the condom to harden and rupture;
6. After ejaculation, while the penis is still erect, hold the edge of the condom and pull out the penis;
7. Do not put the condom in the body pocket or close to other heat sources. Long-term proximity to the heat source will cause the rubber to age.
8. The best time to wear a condom is after the penis is erect and before the penis is in contact with the genitals or anus.
9. Turn up the foreskin of the penis when using a condom, which increases flexibility and reduces the risk of the condom breaking during intercourse.
10. If the penis stops erection or is placed in the wrong direction when using or placing the penis, please use a new condom.
11. Special condoms should be used during anal sex. Anal sex condoms are specially thickened, and ordinary condoms are likely to rupture during anal sex.
12. Do not use expired condoms. Expired condoms are likely to rupture during intercourse.
13. After ejaculation, even if you still have an erection, please pull the penis out of the vagina or anus immediately to avoid unnecessary risks.
14. When pulling out the condom, hold down the root of the condom to prevent it from falling off.
15. Inexperienced users should practice using condoms in brightly lit places to ensure proper placement before intercourse.
16. There are different specifications of condoms, and the appropriate type should be selected according to the size of the penis when it is erected.
17. Condoms must be kept in a cool, dry and non-contact environment with acids, alkalis and oils. If it becomes sticky and brittle after exposure to the above conditions, it should not be used again even within the shelf life.
18. Before putting on the glans, the small air bag at the top of the condom for storing semen should be squeezed to prevent the air in the air bag from expanding due to heat, which will cause the semen to overflow to the root of the penis during ejaculation.
19. The condom should not be unfolded in advance, but should be unfolded downward from the glans part of the erect penis head.
20. If the condom is found to be cracked or slipped during use, it is still unsafe to only replace the condom. You should stop sexual intercourse immediately and use disinfectant to clean the genitals.
21. After ejaculation, the bottom of the condom should be pulled out together with the penis before the penis becomes weak.
22. When removing the condom, do not let the semen flow out, and do not let the vaginal secretions outside the condom touch the body. Each condom can only be used once, and used condoms should be placed in a plastic bag and thrown into the trash.
23. It is impossible for the fingers to remove the condom to touch semen and vaginal secretions at the same time. Therefore, after sex, you can no longer touch the female organs with your hands. You must wash your hands with soap and water under running water immediately.

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