What do women show when they crave love?

8 manifestations of women’s desire for love

Hint 1, inexplicable tantrums

If your wife loses her temper inexplicably, throws things jingling, and the earth “quakes” when she sits down, you should review it. How long have you not cared about her? She’s unhappy and restless, which means she’s longing for you, her body is protesting, and she can’t even control herself.

Hint 2: Eating snacks endlessly

Women love to eat snacks because of loneliness. You must have seen those dramas of the Republic of China. The concubines like to eat melon seeds, and the owners gossip with each other for a short time. It is because of lack of love and loneliness in body and mind.

Hint 3: Deliberate virtuousness

This is a kind of forbearance, it is the eve of a volcano eruption, so you have to respond quickly, otherwise you will be at your own risk. Her low profile and her diligence are for you to see, in fact, it is to impress your heart and let you reward her. The easiest way is to hug her from behind when she is busy in the kitchen, whisper or say numb words against her ear, so that she can fully feel your gratitude and love.

Suggestion 4. Pain

She has been feeling unwell for three days and two ends, with pain here and there, but she doesn’t go to the doctor. In fact, she secretly looks at you to see how you react, whether you panic or care? In fact, she may just be an “emotional pain”! Even so, you can’t take it lightly, you must pay attention, it is best to be like an ant on a hot pot, and you must have the awareness of an enemy. When you are in a hurry, she is happy and cool. If you can cooperate with her to massage, beat her waist, scrape her, and measure her temperature with her forehead… She will be more comfortable, and those pains will naturally heal without medicine.

Hint 5. Entertainment

One day, you find that your wife is dressed up, her feet are not touching the ground, and it is not working hours, you should pay attention. She will answer the phone exaggeratedly and excitedly, and then look helpless, as if there are endless parties, coffee, or balls… When she is singing and putting on makeup, you are not far from her. place.

Smart men should know that the wife is deliberately adding a sense of crisis to you. She wants you to go over to keep her pace, and she is “protesting”. Believe me, it is not too late for you to wake up now. She kept: “I’m jealous!”

Hint 6, act like a spoiled child

Maybe she was not good at babbling, but suddenly one day, she pestered you to do a merry-go-round, or murmured like a child, or liked to make a fuss, relying on you for everything, clinging to you. She’s already hinting to you that she needs your cuddle, like a child.

Hint 7. More small actions

Pinching you, hitting you, harassing you, touching you… Her skin is obviously in a state of “starvation”, how long has it been since you caressed her? In fact, caressing can be physical activity as well as verbal comfort. Give her a positive compliment, then grab her restless hand, put it to her lips, kiss, and feel each other. You will find that she suddenly becomes cute and shy.

Suggestion 8. Become sloppy

It turns out that she is very delicate and pays great attention to her personal image, but suddenly one day she finds that she has changed, she is lazy, her face is facing the sky, and she doesn’t even do basic maintenance. She must be disappointed with you and want nothing, so she gave up the packaging. You don’t pay attention to her anyway, so she might as well treat her negatively. All this is a silent cry: Women are the ones who please themselves, but why don’t you look at me?

At this time, a man must increase his initiative, turn his attention to his wife, or give her some delicate gifts to make her happy, and reawaken her inner pursuit of beauty and love.

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