What do guys do with their hands when they kiss girls?

We are in love, with the beloved, what a thing to look forward to, what a joy it is, not only to hold hands, but also to hug. Men and women in love even kiss, what a beautiful picture, it seems that they want to stay in that moment forever.

I have also been in love, it was a good memory, it was full of happiness, we also hugged, we also kissed. But there is a small problem in the middle, which I didn’t understand at the time: when kissing, my boyfriend’s hand is always dishonest, and I can’t push it away. Why does he behave like that? do you know?

There are probably three reasons for this:

1. Hormones stimulate the central nervous system.

Under the attraction of the opposite sex, men and women easily secrete hormon and want to kiss. In this state, the two embraced involuntarily, constantly exchanging movements, looking for a sinful and comfortable posture. It is a subconscious behavior, and the hands become “dishonest” when the feelings are deep. His hands wandered in some positions on the body, and the woman would dodge reflexively. This kind of hiding stimulates the man’s nerves even more, and he is even more reluctant to give up.

2. The communication between the skin and nerves of the two people.

The communication between lovers is not limited to verbal communication, but also has eyes and body movements to convey information. Just like the understanding of two people, you can understand her thoughts with just one look, and the fact is indeed like that. When kissing, the dishonesty of the hand is only a small beginning, he is testing your body’s response, and your acceptance of this behavior, through such actions, make women feel comfortable and happy. In this way, the relationship between the two is closer.

3. The kiss is just a cover.

Kissing between lovers is nothing but normal. It is an expression of emotion, an emotional expression of mutual liking and mutual admiration, and an expression of love. The dishonesty of the man’s hand conveys the message of wanting to go further than just kissing.

When kissing, a woman may only care about enjoyment, while a man has other ideas. When you have no time to care about his hand, he will do things he usually dare not do to achieve his satisfaction and feel your attitude. , and even adjust the “dishonest” way.

Anyone who has experienced love must have experienced such a situation. Because of mutual love, only hugs and kisses can be obtained, and only then can they accept each other’s “misbehavior”. That’s part of our love, part of our communication, part of our skin-to-skin communication.

For the “dishonesty” of a boyfriend, most women enjoy it. Our life needs fun, and our life needs love. It is a beautiful experience and a beautiful feeling. Do you remember the first time you kissed your boyfriend? How do you feel?

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