What did men wear before underwear was invented?

According to the Bible, Adam and Eve chose a 100% natural product, the famous fig leaf, when covering their shame and private parts.

By the 13th century, there was a kind of underpants called Braies.

“Braies” is a Saxon word, referring to pocket-like underpants, long to the knees, made of linen, with a rope around the waist to tighten, from kings to farmers. wear it. By the time of the Renaissance, the Braies underpants were shortened in length and increased in the crotch opening to facilitate urination. This can be said to be the ancestor of modern boxer briefs.

Until the 18th century, men’s underwear had undergone major changes.

The raised crotch pocket of Mizhi was replaced by a vertical fly in the middle, and the fabrics began to use cotton and silk in addition to linen. It gradually evolved into a jumpsuit, which evolved into ankle-length tights. These tights were only worn by the aristocracy and upper class, so underwear became a status symbol.

The advent of modern underwear

At the end of the 19th century, modern men’s underwear was born in New York, USA. It has a cool name called “liberation jumpsuit”. Although it was despised by people, it was one of the products of the European and American women’s clothing revolution in the second half of the 19th century. In 1935, Jockey, a famous underwear manufacturer, sold the world’s first briefs with Y-shaped stitching on the front in Chicago, which marked the emergence of modern underwear in the true sense.

modern panties
In 1933, “Men’s Wear” published this sentence:

A man’s underwear should have the graceful charm of Apollo, the romance of Byron, the uniqueness of Lord Chesterfield, and the coolness and comfort of Mahatma Gandhi. The description of this sentence reflects the desire of men to display their self-image on their underwear.

When many people were not optimistic at the time and satirized male underwear as a nympho work created by “widow designers” because they wanted men, Jockey’s men’s briefs sold 30,000 in just 3 months in the United States. Sent by plane to malls across the United States.

Also, in 1935 the term “underpants” was included in the dictionary as a separate category for menswear. Since then, underwear has also been fashioned, and underwear of various brands, shapes, materials, and patterns has been mass-produced, and even some special-purpose underwear has begun to appear on the stage of history.

For example: bulletproof underwear. Around 2012, the Pentagon provided U.S. troops in Afghanistan with more than 600,000 sets of bulletproof underpants, which protect the skin from debris from explosions.

According to Pentagon data, the bulletproof underwear has reduced the genital injury rate of US troops in Afghanistan by 40%.

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