What can you do with your “menstrual period” on Valentine’s Day

This year’s Valentine’s Day came very fast, but the day also happened to be the first day of work after the holiday. This is hard for those couples who are in love. While busy finishing the post-holiday work, she also wanted to do something for her.
Although in the West, the 14th of every month can be counted as Valentine’s Day, but only the 14th of February is the most known day. Couples from all over the world will also have their own festivals on this day. On such an important day, these embarrassing scenes must be prevented.

1. Too much work, can't get away

On the first day of work, there is naturally a lot of work, and the work is naturally overwhelmed. But thinking that today is Valentine’s Day, I feel dizzy again.

Strategy: Organize your mood first, tacitly agree that you must get off work on time today, in order to see her beloved. If you can’t get up in the morning, you can use the noon time to lie down on the table and sleep to recharge your body. When your body feels tired, get up and drink a cup of hot water, wake up your brain, or exercise your body, which will speed up your work efficiency. flowers, the result is allergic

Flowers are an indispensable gift for Valentine’s Day, so every Valentine’s Day is a good day for flower shops to boost sales. But if after buying it, it causes the other party to be allergic, what should I do?

Strategy: Check in advance whether she has a history of allergies. If not, you can give it boldly; if there is, you can buy some delicate fake flowers, so that she can see your sincerity and make her like the gift.

3. She ordered a restaurant, but she ordered a dish she didn't like

Another must-have for Valentine’s Day is candlelight dinner, especially for couples who are in love. It’s easy to make a restaurant reservation, but harder to choose a dish. It would be bad if she chose something she didn’t like.

Raiders: The most popular restaurant on Valentine’s Day is the western restaurant, which has a romantic atmosphere, and it is necessary to choose a position by the window, where you can see the night view. To avoid the above embarrassment, you must inquire about the other party’s preferences in advance. In fact, the best dinner is to cook it for her, so that she can feel full of love. confess, the result is not good

There are many confessions on Valentine’s Day, and more people get married. But in order to express success, in addition to charm, atmosphere, and a strong body. If you happen to be in poor health, even if your confession is successful, it will become your nightmare for a lifetime.

Raiders: I’m not in good health, what else can I do besides taking medicine? Take care of your body in advance. Confession is a major event in life, but it must not be sloppy. Therefore, it is still necessary to maintain good living habits at home during the Spring Festival, so as to have a good Valentine’s Day after the festival.

5. I want to have sex, but the "menstrual period" comes

According to data, before and after Valentine’s Day, the sales of condoms and erotic underwear are dozens of times higher than usual. It can be imagined that if you don’t do anything on Valentine’s Day, you will be sorry for the folks and parents. but! My girlfriend’s “big aunt” came by accident, what’s the matter!

Raiders: It is really a very distressing thing to want to have sex and the result is a “menstrual period”. For the sake of her health, she must restrain her feelings at this time, and do not arouse the impulses of both parties. The best thing is to finish your meal, take a walk, watch a movie, and then say good night and go home.

The above five embarrassing things can happen at any time, so men must do a good job of strategy before Valentine’s Day, so as not to be caught off guard.

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