What are the sex scenes that boys most want to try?

Others like you just to bring you to bed, and I’m different,

I can use the sofa, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, floor-to-ceiling windows…

Some people say that sex is nothing but repetitive mechanical piston movements, of course, if always in the same place, in the same foreplay, in the same position, or even at the same time…

It’s easy to get tired of being so unchanging.

Want to change but don’t know where to start?

He had his own thoughts but never said it,

So today, let’s see what boys want you to do in bed!

1. Don't turn off the lights

Girls are mostly shy. Even if they meet naked many times, they will still feel embarrassed, so it is more comfortable and safe to have sex with the lights off.

However, men are visual animals~ When making love in the dark, you can’t see each other’s expressions and moving bodies at all, and the stimulation is greatly reduced.

Don’t feel inferior if you have a bad figure. You are fat and shriveled. Not everyone has the same figure as a model. Since you meet frankly, he will naturally not despise you.

Don’t turn off the lamp next time, leave a small lamp, looming and more interesting!

2.Master the initiative in bed

It’s called “making love”, which means that you communicate your love to each other through your body! Don’t let him move every time. Occasionally, the little sheep turns into a big wolf and takes the initiative in sex. In addition to letting him know how to make you enjoy it more, it can also give the other party unprecedented excitement and freshness!

3. Actively try new poses

The degree of stimulation of each posture is different, usually not only one posture is used at a time,

Sometimes boys actually want to try a variety of different positions, but I’m afraid you will feel disgusted.

The next time you take the initiative to suggest to see it, it will be more able to stir up the flames in their hearts, maybe you will have more nice experience

4. No response is super-injurious

As for sex, many friends have expressed that they hate women who see sex only as “dedicated” to their man’s obligation. They are cold, dry, and seem to be unconscious!

It is conceivable that moving like wood is really hurtful to boys. How cold and boring this kind of sex feels.

If you really feel that your partner needs to be strengthened, you should speak out and solve it together, in order to deal with your partner.

Exercising with a partner will make boys feel very unfulfilled!

5. Prompt with actions and eyes.

It is uncomfortable to say that it is really not a long-term solution to endure it blindly. The relationship needs to be run in, and of course love needs to cooperate with each other~

In the same way, if you are comfortable, let your partner know. You can use your eyes, behavior, or even words to imply the other party, telling her “I just like you.”

In fact, men love to flirt and have a crush on women called “leprechauns”

Women’s “waves and sounds” can make men’s blood boil, and apricot love is not only a physical communication, but also an emotional communication.

Men not only like to have sex with “eyes” but also “sex with ears”

Perfect sex is a process of feeling attentively. It fully participates in a man’s facial features and makes

This beautiful “movement” is more perfect and more colorful;

6. Don't strip every time

Most people go to bed naked, right?

Maybe you can try to keep some of your clothes, it’s the same reason as looming, that’s how passion comes out, try to keep some of your clothes,

For example, the upper body only wears underwear, transparent white shirts, mesh shawls, sexy underwear, and even stockings with openings;

Boys only wear a tie, and girls can catch the appearance of wanting to refuse and welcome, wanting to cover up, and half-covering it. In fact, it is more sexy and charming to be exposed.

Sex is an interpretation of love, an expression of love. It is the process of completely owning each other and enjoying each other.

In this process, you can perceive the other party through silent language and obtain the pleasure that the other party brings to you;

Sex is more of a healing and a consolation, a collection of all things emotional.

Simon Pova once said: Love is a passion, caressing is not to try to possess a partner, but to re-create oneself through a partner. There is no struggle, no victory, no defeat in this process, they are both subjects and objects; leaders and slaves. Through sex, it becomes interdependent.

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