What are the consequences of using sex as a reward?

▎A. If sex as a reward is ineffective

If the guy doesn’t know that you’re having sex with him to reward him, it’s giving him a false indication that he thinks he’s attractive and that you’d love to have sex with him. Not only will you fail to achieve your desired goals (eg: real intimacy with him), you’re more likely to cause anxiety (he’s encouraged to go to bed with more girls because he thinks he’s good enough).

In the end, you will definitely break up because of this (I gave you the gift of “sex”, and you don’t meet my expectations for you?).

▎B. If sex as a reward is valid

If the guy knows you’re rewarding him, then the sexual connection between you becomes a “deal” of some sort. In the beginning, you may be able to get what you want (eg: he appreciates you, he stays, he does more of his “duty” as a boyfriend). However, once you can’t meet his sexual needs (eg: freshness drops, he wants to try things you can’t accept), the balance between you will be disrupted.

You’re either more invested, or you’re completely out of control of the relationship.

If sex is the only form of “meeting”, it will actually make you more sad
Whether your sexual compensation is effective or not, please don’t play it as a trump card, because it will ruin your appetite.

Also, there are men who have insight into women’s psychology and know that by exploiting the good nature of women, playing the sympathy card, and playing the atmosphere game, they can speed up the process of going to bed – so stop giving your precious sympathy to such a person.

So, what should a girl do when faced with a boy’s hard pleas or a strong sexual relationship?

We’ve said this a thousand times: do it if you want, don’t do it if you don’t want to.

Of course it’s easy to say, you might say. In fact, the most important thing is that you have to be aware of yourself: Did you agree to sleep with someone out of some emotion or purpose other than sex?

If you realize you’re doing it, that’s okay, just remember that you don’t really want to. Next time if you can, don’t do it again.

And I suggest that in dating relationships, girls can really be a little more assertive – don’t be ashamed to start and not continue (for example, you kissed, the other party wants to have sex, but you just want to stay there), and don’t worry You owe the other party too much (for example, the other party took you to eat delicious food, took you to a fun place, and you think you need to repay him)…

In fact, whether or not to go to bed is something that can only be decided by girls. After all, in all relationships, males can only act as requesters and servants, while females are censors and screeners. Therefore, your rejection is sometimes more precious than unconditional acceptance. If you don’t know whether to say no, then say no, and then think about it.

Next time, he knows that pretending to be pitiful and deceiving sympathy won’t work, so he won’t fool other girls like this.

Is this important? And only in this way can you truly enjoy the throbbing from the body and mind without any moral ties. Your fears will be dispelled and your anxiety will cease to exist because you have given sex back to sex, your sex has no purpose anymore, it becomes light, takes all its heavy load off, and becomes like a pleasure The field is so open for people to explore.

And you will happily explore your paradise like a child with uncontaminated eyes. Everywhere you go, there are surprises.

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