What are bisexuals proud of?

“If there are things in life that are completely inexplicable, it’s probably because there are facts that we don’t know.”

It turned out that the result of the permutation and combination caused by the sexual orientation of male and female bisexuality is far more complicated than addition (1+1=2).

Bisexuality, like heterosexuality and homosexuality, is actually an independent sexual orientation.

Of course, I’d much rather see minority “narcissism” than scowling.

Is this because they appear to be more “normal” (because they like the opposite sex) compared to “homosexuals”, and they seem to be at the top of the “tolerant” value chain compared to “heterosexuals”?

Woody Allen said, “The biggest benefit of being bisexual is that they have twice as many dates on the weekends.”

Now that they have more choices in love, they will be more at ease in love relationships.

Think about it, if we persuaded the brokenhearted not to give up the whole forest for one tree. So, bisexuality has twice as many forests than monosexuality!

One female interviewee admitted that she needed to date both boyfriends and girlfriends to feel complete.

The reason is: in the face of partners of different genders, she can show different character characteristics, so as to obtain multiple identity experiences. Such a gender complex makes her feel more like herself.

Of course, whether you can enjoy the “blessing of Qi people” also varies from person to person. For example, another male interviewee said that it is impossible to date people of both genders at the same time, because it would be schizophrenic.

In addition to “role-playing”, the diversified perspectives that break through the traditional thinking frame of gender binary opposition are also enough to make them “disdain” others.

The “gender equality between men and women” we cry bitterly is precisely what bisexuals are actually doing.

There is an inherent sexuality structure in a heterosexual hegemonic society.

Even this sexuality structure extends to homosexual relationships.

For example, T is more stressed than P in lesbians, and 0 is more stressed than 1 in gay men. Why? Because of the role images of T and 1, they deviate even further from social gender norms.

If we say that in the gay world, “No Distinction” claims to be “true gays”. So, will bisexuals with more perspectives be more proud of their love for “all humanity”?

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