Walk with love with your heart, what is your love like?

Love is like a crystal, clean, clear and cool, but it also reflects gorgeous colors. It is tough and fragile, it can be admired as much as it wants, and it needs careful care…

Walk with love with your heart When you have love, you are happy, and what you have is a crystal that can reflect yourself. This priceless treasure will bring you a sense of responsibility and strength, as well as courage and new life.

The true love is “death and life are bound together, and the child is happy; holding the child’s hand, and the child grows old together”. What is your love like?

True love may not only be romantic encounters, warm attraction, intoxicating sweet words and surging passion – perhaps it should be deep and broad tolerance, subtle pity, distant care and silent expression… just like The herring shuttles under the blooming lotus, when the lotus is gorgeous, the herring swims silently in the water; when the lotus falls, the herring can still bring you a string of fresh breath. Maybe when you are fascinated by the fragrance of flowers, you never notice the existence of herring, but once you withdraw your long-sulted eyes, you will find that the scent of herring has permeated every vein of you. Anyone with ordinary eyes can see lotus flowers on the water. However, only those with eyes in their hearts can see the herring in the water!

Walk with your heart with love, and love will always walk with your heart…

Love is a cycle, a cycle of happiness.

In love, we always overestimate ourselves, and at the same time, we also overestimate others. We always beautify love, and at the same time, we also beautify ourselves.

People have many kinds of desires, and there are also many kinds of happiness; love is only one kind of happiness, and it is the more extravagant one.

Because love is a kind of sweet happiness and a luxury happiness.

Some people say that the secret of happiness is to grasp the rhythm of love. What is the rhythm of love? It is to remind yourself of the beat at any time, step on the pace steadily, stop when it is time to stop, go when it is time to go, advance when it is time to advance, and retreat when it is time to retreat.

Being able to listen to one’s own inner voice and understand the feelings of the other person, the so-called rhythm of love is to be adjusted by both parties, so that it can be mastered together.

There is no absolute perfection in life. Let us use a tolerant heart to make up for those shortcomings and make life as complete as possible. Love is a matter of two people. When love comes, two people should open their hearts at the same time; when love is far away, they should also let go together and let love go.

If it is said that having love is a kind of happiness, then losing love may be another kind of happiness; getting it is a kind of happiness; losing it may be another kind of happiness.

Love is a kind of energy, the energy of happiness. As long as you have ever had happiness, the energy of happiness will stay in your heart.

In my opinion, the vision of love does not depend on the eyes, but on a tender and sentimental heart; happiness is the feeling of the heart, not the state of marriage.

When you know how to cherish yourself and others, you have the greatest wealth of happiness.

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