Touching – the art of sex

As the famous anthropologist Ashley Montag said, “Stroking is the true language of sex”, perfect sex is inseparable from touching. The famous American sexologist Ivan Fulbright pointed out in an interview with the media that people are becoming more and more accustomed to “single-handed” sex, and caressing has become insignificant. “But only someone who knows how to please a partner with their hands is a veritable sex artist.”

The human body is covered with tens of millions of tactile receptors, which constitute a sensitive and wonderful tactile network that allows us to feel temperature, pressure, friction, and weight. As far as sex is concerned, a series of physiological and psychological reactions triggered by caress are necessary to stimulate sexual desire and achieve sexual satisfaction.

Body touch is the key to unlocking the emotional door. This point, God has taken into account when designing the human body. Swedish researchers have found that gentle touch can trigger a strong emotional response in the nervous system. A soothing, soothing touch causes special nerves in the skin to stimulate the emotional center of the brain, creating a connection between caress and emotion. This may be why, from birth, we long to be hugged and caressed.

But in reality, most people don’t get a satisfying touch. This neglect or lack of understanding of each other’s needs and preferences makes many couples disappointed and disharmonious about their sex lives. To change this situation, we should first understand that caress is a two-way communication, and both giving and receiving require skills. This is important for sexual excitement and sexual satisfaction, and is also a required course for sex masters.

Secondly, ideal caress requires good communication. When stroking, ask for verbal feedback from the other party, such as “where do you want me to touch”, “can you be a demonstration”, “do you need more strength” and so on.

Then, actively cooperate with each other’s hints. Touching in unexpected ways may increase his/her arousal, because the brain easily responds strongly to new stimuli, so be creative when touching, such as teasing your lover’s fingers, playing the piano on the skin, using Hair acts as a tool for caressing. Gently caressing the skin, it is easier to provoke a deep reaction and convey a sexual message richer than words. If you are the person being stroked, being honest and positive about your feelings and desires can improve the efficiency of the stroke and lead to a better interaction between you and your partner.

Caress is a relatively subjective behavior, it requires a little expectation, a little desire, and a little imagination. Therefore, when caressing, let the body and mind be fully relaxed and completely immersed in the tenderness and breath of the other party. Let the nerves run at your fingertips and let the caresses set your passion on fire.

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