Tips about sex

On the high-speed rail, I was bored and read some materials, and then made some conclusions based on practice. About foreplay, body position and fingering, I will make up later, maybe only myself can see it immediately.
The whole standpoint is from the point of view of boys, to see the difference between men and women, how to better please women, SEX is a matter of two people after all.

1. About foreplay

Start with gentleness as much as possible. Girls’ feelings are diffuse and need to be laid out in an emotional atmosphere, hoping to gain respect and care.

1) A well-prepared environment, including lighting, music, wine, and a warm and clean hotel.

2) Adjust your state, be a person who takes the initiative to drive emotions, tease and discover the beauty of the other party, and don’t be stingy with your own praise and expression, her appearance, voice, clothing taste, and desire and feeling for her.

3) Prepare selenium-based oil, BYT, and small toys. Keep them within reach by the head of the bed, and don’t interrupt when you wake up.

4) The fingering of massage and caress, from the top to the bottom of the back, the buttocks and waist are the key points. Use the tip of the tongue between the lips.

5) Dirty talk can add to the fun. The first is the name, step by step, pay attention to test her acceptance, little slut, kinky baby, little bitch, etc. Second, compliment the other person (sexy, seductive) + describe yourself (want, nasty). Finally, there is a question and answer, whether to (lick, change posture), etc.

2. About Fingering

Girls’ orgasms come from the clitoris and the vagina. 60% of girls have difficulty experiencing vaginal orgasms, and most of them have clitoral orgasms. It is best to take both.

1. The fingers must be clean and hygienic, lubricated with oil, and the saliva should be sterile. Finally, don’t buckle blindly, ask for more follow-ups, and ask for speed. Girls’ orgasm requires constant point stimulation. It can be slow, and then fast when it reaches the state. After the climax, it can be slowed down, and then climb the slope after the downhill.

2. The key to fingering is to find the G-spot above the front of the vagina. The specific fingerings are divided into Japanese and American. Japanese-style only uses fingers to stimulate the vagina and G-spot, boys are easily tired; on the contrary, American-style, while using fingers, The wrist rubs against the clitoris, so that the whole wrist is pulled and driven, which is labor-saving for boys, and double stimulation for girls. It is highly recommended.

3. About sex positions

List four, one is the rear entry, the second is the mission, the third is the female upper, and the fourth is the lateral position, the main points of each.

1. Kneeling position and 7 poses can be used for rear entry, as well as after lying down. Girls can touch the clitoris by themselves when lying down and then entering.

2. The missionary style looks trivial, but it can hug and kiss girls, and it is also very warm. The point is that the pubic bone can gently rub the girls’ clitoris, slide up and down, and stimulate the vagina and clitoris.

3. For women, you can try the lotus pose, and you can play with the girls’ nipples when facing each other.

4. For side entry, you can use a small toy to rub the girl’s clitoris while pushing and inserting.

The happiness of sex is really happy, without it, it is really unhappy, I hope everyone can be happy.

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