Three Sex Stories and Three Sex Skills

Perhaps many couples always want to have a taste of the joy of sex life, but they always fail to get the hang of it. In the long journey of married life, what keys do you still lack to open the door to happiness?

The quality of life of a good couple usually has to go through some setbacks and hardships in order to achieve the realm of sex.

However, maintaining a harmonious married life relationship does not stop at sexual technical exercises or intercourse. Only by finding the true self in the married life and developing a mode of entertaining others can we fully enjoy a happy and healthy married life relationship.

1: Accepting oneself is the key to knocking on the door of married life

If you want to have a happy sexual life as a married couple, you must first fully accept your own body.

Twenty-three-year-old A has always been worried about his excess weight. When she is married, she has a bad relationship with her partner, and they are at odds from time to time. But she would rather stick to this grudge relationship, because she thinks that she is an unattractive woman who is overweight. If she loses the marriage barrier, she will have nothing. In the two years before and after the marriage, she constantly complained and felt sorry for herself, and her mood fell into a long-term low ebb.

However, just after A made up her mind to end the unhappy marriage relationship, her appearance also changed completely. The happy mood improved her complexion, which not only made her originally bulky body lighter, but also made her regain her confidence and began to pay attention to her dress. A few weeks later, she ran into a man at a party. Wearing a silver dress, she danced generously with the man, and both of them liked each other because of their personality. This shows how important it is to have confidence in yourself.

The vast majority of women don’t like their partner to mention her inadequacies, it will drive them crazy. As a partner, we need more encouragement. Only when we accept our own shortcomings or learn to appreciate our own shortcomings, will we have self-confidence.


2: Learning from setbacks

A happy and harmonious married life relationship usually does not depend on whether you are a natural technical person. Conversely, most bed gurus learn how to improve a couple’s life from frustration.

Miss C met D when she was 21 years old. At the time, her sexual experience was limited, but D was already a thirty-two-year-old successful stock broker. As soon as they started dating, D asked C to be wild and passionate in bed, and she always did her best to accommodate his needs.

However, her infatuation was only exchanged for D’s endless demands. Later, she even began to wonder: what did D take her for? An unpaid female companion? Or a lover? In the end, C took the initiative and asked D to break up. Once they officially end their relationship, C’s life changes and she finally learns to be kind to herself.

Therefore, in the relationship between husband and wife, you should not just blindly cater to the needs of men, but also take care of your own feelings. Once you find that you are being used by others, you need to get out of the unfair relationship as soon as possible. You should neither let others down, nor yourself.


3: Diligence can make up for one's weakness - but don't overdo it

Being diligent in having sex is one of life’s great pleasures; you learn from mistakes and compare your heart to heart, and you will know where the other party’s preferences are, and then understand each other’s level of emotional commitment.

After Ms. E had sex with her boyfriend, she said what she said from the bottom of her heart: “I never understand a man’s physical reaction. I remember the first time we did it, I was too shy to even open my eyes. When I finally got used to the rhythm of sex, I accidentally hurt him. I had no idea that a man could be so fragile.

“Next, he held E’s hand lightly, led her to walk around him, and guided her to explore her own comfort zone. He told E that the person who can make a man sexually impulsive is a woman who exudes enthusiasm. And E is even more fortunate to meet him. Because they are both willing to learn from each other’s mistakes, so that they can be so compatible in sexual needs and reach the point of seamlessness.

Diligence can make up for one’s clumsiness, and constant practice can become a bed master. Remember the first time you had sex, it must not feel so good? Therefore, please prepare your body at any time, learn a lot from experience how to liberate your emotions and improve the quality of life of your husband and wife

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