Those who understand you are always irreplaceable

The intercourse of people lies in love, and the companionship of love lies in understanding. The truest love is always open to each other; the most understanding person is always irreplaceable. Those who love you will love you selflessly and selfishly; those who understand you will come closer to the heart and comfort the soul. In life, the hardest thing to find is true love, and the hardest thing to understand is emotion. Love is not just a surging passion, but a constant loyalty. If you know the heart, you will have a spiritual resonance; if you know how to care, you will feel distressed in company; if you know how to cherish, there will be eternity in love. People who understand love know what to give up and what to cherish

People who understand love know what distance is and what pity is. Not all love is a perfect match; not all feelings are true relatives. What hurts the most is the most genuine feelings, and what is most urgent is the momentary tenderness. In the world of love, there will inevitably be scars. The most precious thing in the world is not the meeting of love at first sight, but the later love between the two. Love, there is the so-called care, it does not matter through thick and thin. Not to travel thousands of Baidu, but to wait for you where the lights are dim!

Many feelings can stand up to wind and rain, but not dull; they can stand gathering and dispersing, but cannot stand the test of time. Time will dilute passion, and love will transition from romantic to ordinary. Love is not only the present that falls in love at first sight, but also the future that never leaves; Only by exchanging hearts can you warm yourself with love, and only by embracing each other can you be frank and visible. What you see in your eyes is pity, and what you give in your heart is willingness. Quiet accompaniment and plain dependence are simple peace of mind and more precious emotions.

Don’t make your emotions too complicated. If fate is not accidental, we should be heart-to-heart; if friends are not casual, we should be sincere; if feelings are not child’s play, we should cherish and cherish; if acquaintance is not new, we should be sincere; if , know that it is not casual, you should be loyal to loyalty. There is a confidant who is full of sorrows and joys; there is a long-lasting concern; it is a blessing in life. There is always some warmth, soothing in the elegant heart; there is always some moving, flowing in the warm heart; there is always some memorable, rejoicing in the fragrant heart; there is always some happiness, lingering in the lonely heart

Love in the world is an instinct, no one is right or wrong. Unexpected encounter, no one can resist the charm of “understanding and understanding”. Love is not synonymous with marriage. It is good to have a special liking; mutual appreciation is good; turning around helplessly is also reasonable. Cherish each other, miss each other. Life is gathered by fate; warmed by love. There are too many encounters in life, walking on the road, taking a short break in the long pavilion, looking back, and stopping, it is a meeting, perhaps, passing by, perhaps, unforgettable.

Maybe, the distance is far, but the heart is connected; maybe, the touch is small, but the spirit is needed; maybe, the reward is little, but the feeling is good; maybe the reward is not much, but the feelings are graceful; I feel wronged, I complain; I feel lonely , to accompany you; to be vulnerable, to rely on. Even if it is touched instantly, it is also a warmth. A word of ridicule removes unhappiness; a soft call drives away troubles; a word of understanding warms one’s heart. Do not seek possession, but seek soul-connection; do not seek eternity, but seek a moment of inspiration; do not seek pity, but seek to understand the words of the heart!

Life is gathered by fate; warmed by love. Things in the world are like this, what should come will come naturally, and what should not come is useless to hope, and it is useless to ask! Destiny, don’t push, miss, don’t ask! Come, welcome, go, watch! Everything goes with the flow! The things in the world can’t be happy after all, and it’s bound to be unsweetened! All we can do is to do our best to be ourselves, the world is like this, work hard and have no regrets!

Because of love, there is no resentment; because of understanding, there is no regret. We are all people passing through the world, all of us are born in love, and we are all in love. If there is love, happiness will surround our hearts; if there is love, we will be willing even if we are hurt. When the eyes of love, staring at the eyes of love, the world will no longer need words; when the heart of love, the heart of love, the world will no longer need time; the red dust is entangled in order to enclose a beautiful wish; The world is deep and shallow, in order to stay in a graceful moment.

When the fingers of love are between the fingers of love, the world will be less lonely since then; beware of joy, stop at the edge of the soul, love a little more every day, there will be more smiling faces in the world, and the world will be more cheerful. Life is gathered by fate; warmed by love. The true feelings are speechless, cherish and accompany them all. Love to the depths, is distressed. The reason for love is because love has been integrated into life; the reason for pain is only because you understand your fragility and care for it deeply in your heart.

Knowing your tears and knowing your intoxication, you give it silently without hesitation, and do your best with all your heart and soul. Don’t ask for affection, only pity your favorite; don’t promise forever, only respond with sincerity. Feelings are about knowing and understanding; love is about cherishing and distressing. People who have real feelings always have the most humble feelings. Because you care too much, you are always afraid of being ignored; because you pay too much, you are always afraid of being let down. Careful maintenance, desperate pouring. Sometimes it is irrelevant, but it can make the heart hurt, and sometimes it is irrelevant, but it makes oneself incomplete.

Mood is often influenced by him. Often, a sentence will cause silent heartbeat; if you ignore it, it will cause a faint heartache. Blindly relying on, needlessly rushing, giving without reservation to hollowing out, leaving no room to be sentimental and desolate. In fact, a good relationship is not chasing but attracting, not seeking but congenial. Love can watch but not extravagant expectations, love can tolerate but not connive. Only when the sincerity is relative can we have a thorough heart; only when we understand and understand can we cherish each other; Only by communicating can we make the heart respond; Life is gathered by fate; warmed by love.

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