This is the correct way to deal with a long distance relationship

When it comes to long-distance relationships, many people are not optimistic. When it comes to dating, it should be face-to-face. What’s the point of talking on the Internet or on the phone every day, and it’s impossible to communicate feelings! But in fact, many couples in love have to go through the stage of long-distance relationship. It can be said to be troublesome, or it may be an opportunity to sublimate your love. How to make a long-distance relationship go further?

1. Take care of yourself

Falling in love is not because he doesn’t allow me what I say, what I say he wants, and two people are restrained; in love, you love this person and don’t ask for anything to change and pay for him, it’s simple, because it’s you, So I don’t want you to worry about that.

So to be honest, if you don’t talk about a long-distance relationship, he won’t be able to grasp your whereabouts at all. No one will take care of you, will you take care of yourself because you love this person?

Are you willing to keep a reasonable distance from other people of the opposite sex because you love this person; will you take care of yourself more because you are worried about this person at the far end? A long-distance relationship will allow you to see your love more clearly despite the distance.

2. Keep in touch

Long-distance couples can only contact each other through communication software, but this kind of long-distance communication is less direct than face-to-face, inefficient, and even has the problem of unstable network signals. I believe that if long-distance couples have the experience of quarreling in the air with communication software, they will feel super unbearable!

However, there are also many long-distance couples who say that after a long distance, the frequency of quarrels has become less, because every contact is very rare, and they should be used to talk about their hearts instead of emotionally throwing garbage in their hearts. Whether to pour out sweet love words or quarrel to vent anger, in fact, it all depends on your mentality.

3. Reject the Cold War

The most taboo thing about long-distance relationships is the cold war. It’s better for everyone to quarrel and make things clear. However, the premise is to quarrel on a case by case basis, strive to express everything you want to express, and strive to solve one problem at a time, so as not to accumulate problems and turn them into time bombs. Always remember that there is no point in simply arguing. If you can rise from quarrel to communication, and then to know more about each other, then this kind of quarrel only makes sense.

4. Give yourself a sense of security

Couples who are in a long-distance relationship, because the other party is not around, have no one to accompany them to eat, watch movies, and worry about whether the other party is with other male/female friends all day long. To be honest, this kind of thinking will definitely exist. But since it is a long-distance relationship, what we can do is not to ask for trouble, but to solve it.

The first thing is to give yourself a sense of security. A man is not the only one in your life. Without him, you have to live as well. Moreover, you must have enough self-confidence in yourself, believe that he is loyal to you, and believe that you can be good enough for the other party to leave you.

In fact, the main reason why a long-distance relationship cannot be maintained is that the love is not firm enough. If both parties are in love with each other enough, say warm words from time to time, and be transparent about every move, then naturally there will be no suspicion and no sense of security.

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