The Three Special Sexual “points” Of the Female Body

The P, G, and A spots in the genitals are all on the upper part of the vaginal wall and are very close together.

Women secrete fluid from the G-spot during high orgasm.

G-spot is a very wonderful place for women. When a woman has a high tide, the G-spot secretes fluid, just like a man ejaculates during high tide. It is a very comfortable moment for women.

This is actually very similar to the P point mentioned by the ancients in India.

In addition to the same as the P-spot, the G-spot “squirts” the liquid during sexual excitement, and can also release an analgesic liquid when a woman is giving birth, which can effectively relieve the pain during childbirth.

Studies have also found that spicy food can affect the function of the G-spot to release analgesic solution, so people who eat more spicy food have more pain during labor.

The G-spot was first proposed by the German gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg (born in 1881) in the 1950s, and people named it after the first English letter G of his surname.

The G-spot is located between the vaginal opening and the cervix, about 5 cm from the vaginal opening in the upper part of the vaginal wall.

The Magical Use of Point P

The origin of the P-spot is like this. The Indian sexologist Sasan Kesama discovered that as early as the 16th century, the ancient Indian book “Ananga Ranga” had already talked about several sexual desire points in the vagina. .

Sasanksama found in the ancient scrolls found by the Bandaka Institute of Oriental Studies in Pune, India, that the ancients not only mentioned a few points of sexual desire in the vagina, but also mentioned the ecstasy parts of the genitals that emit fluid, as if In the same way that men ejaculate during high tide, women’s vaginas will also pour out a lot of fluid, but women’s ejaculation is not semen, but the secretions released during sexual excitement.

Sasanksama called this place in the vagina where secretions are emitted as the P-spot, and its full original name is Poornachanda Nadi, where P is the first letter. According to him, this point is like a man’s prostate, the fluid that is ejected is ejected through the urethra, and it gives a woman the pleasure it gets, just like a man’s pleasure peaks when he ejaculates.

Sasanksama said that the G point proposed by Western sexologists was actually mentioned in the above ancient books, and the original Indian text was Saspanda Nadi.

He pointed out that P-spots and G-spots give women extremely satisfying orgasms, which are not comparable to those obtained by caressing sensitive areas.

He said women can “train” themselves to achieve a highly fulfilling orgasm while married.

Location of point A

Sex expert Dr. Tsai Chi-an is similar in teaching women how to train themselves to keep their vaginas slippery and moisturised in seconds when talking about “point A”.

Cai Zhian, a famous gynecologist in Malaysia, introduced his new findings after 4 years of research-another women’s sexually sensitive area: point A. He also emphasized that when stroking point A, the woman’s posture should be chosen well. I won’t go into details here. If you want to know, you can privately message the landlord!

According to Cai Zhian, a famous gynecologist in Malaysia, his research on 271 women is that as long as you find the A spot in a woman’s vagina, their sexual desire will soon be felt.

Dr. Cai said that point A is close to the vaginal wall of the cervix. Women are “narcissistic” for 5 minutes a day. After a period of “training”, when they go to Wushan with their lover, their vaginas are slippery and wet, and they can compete with men in the 100-meter world. Record the balance.

Finding these three points of female sexiness is the fuse for the couple’s life that allows women to quickly devote themselves to it. Couples should enjoy it !

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