The three most beautiful sentences in my life

Loving you will last forever. People who love each other hope that the other person will say such a sentence. But it’s really easy to say, and it takes a lifetime of energy to make it happen. When a man hears this sentence, he cares more about the woman’s loyalty to him. When a woman hears this sentence, he hopes that the man will love him for a lifetime.

In my whole life, the three most beautiful sentences are often chatting with the grandma of a good friend. The old man treats young people with special enthusiasm. He always hopes that we will visit her often, and then she will eat and drink at home all of a sudden. Find it all out and let’s feast. She said that she likes being with young people, likes the energy of young people, and is more willing to share her life insights with young people. In particular, her emotion for love is touching, and she has also learned a lot of the advantages and simple side of people of that era. In particular, the old man mentioned that women love to listen to the three words of men in their lives, which is even more emotional.

The first sentence, I love you.

When everyone is young, they want the other person to say I love you, and they like to hear such a sentence, especially in an increasingly open society, young people are more willing to express their love openly, although the love that is spoken is not expressed It is more real and real, but many girls prefer to hear men say these words over and over again to numb themselves, because women like to dream, and like to express their love dreams in words, at this stage If you say “I love you” a few times more, you will definitely be successful in love, and you will be more liked by girls.

The second sentence, I love you.

With the increase of age, the initial love has also become a real marriage. When marriage comes to men and women, it is actually the most dull life. Living life is not as full of infinite fantasies as the initial love. It is necessary to calculate three meals a day, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, pots and pans, so at this stage, more women are living more and more real. It is not that I entrust my love and life to God and God, but I prefer to see that my husband is really good to me, take care of myself in life and study, truly love myself, and put myself really heart.

The third sentence, I will help you.

When the marriage has passed the silver marriage, when the golden marriage is welcome, when the children have grown into adults, and when they watch the other party grow old quietly, more women are willing to hear the word from the man: I will help you. I help you is a kind of love with the most heart, a kind of true expression, and the most cordial action of an old companion. In fact, in life, the result of more love is to have a companion in the old age, and let oneself be the most loving. The person you love will accompany you all your life and will always be by your side. When you can’t walk, I push you with a cart. When I’m tired, you help me move forward. Use the most practical actions to interpret the greatness and perfection of love.

When we were young, we might not fully understand the true meaning of these three sentences, but with the passage of time, when we grow old day by day, we will find that, in fact, love is around us, and love for ourselves A person, just a few short words, she will feel the happiness of a lifetime.

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