The taste of love

What love is, I didn’t know it at all, but I did love it.

I remember when I was in the first year of junior high school, I met a girl by chance, and I felt that I wanted to play with her very much. I thought that was love…

We have been through a year under the guidance of letters. But I have never had any other memories, I didn’t walk down the path holding hands, I didn’t walk side by side on the street, I didn’t hug each other in the crowd~ I spent the first love in a calm way, I don’t know if this is love, so blind So blurry.

I had a second relationship in high school, and this time, it felt so good… I was so proud at the time, it seemed like I was above everything, the girl was to me – she loved me, I could feel it, in When I was sad, she always stayed by my side and told me nice things to make me happy. I felt like she was supposed to do it, and I forgot I was a man. I love so selfish! I never thought about her feelings, I can’t even remember her birthday, and this silly girl is still so nice to me. But sometimes fate is cruel, and sometimes there is no reward. Did she love the wrong person, or did I pull the wrong hand? One day, I said the breakup from my mouth. I didn’t cry that day, but I knew she was crying… So I’m not touching this damn love that really makes people want to live and die!

Another spring and autumn, a year later, I met another her in my life. After brushing shoulders several times, I fell in love with her. Is it love at first sight, or love in a previous life… We walked hand in hand down the trail, walked side by side on the street, and hugged each other… Is this true love?

The grass turned yellow and green, and the flowers withered and bloomed again. Time flies so fast, and high school is almost over. And I also left at this time. In the days before I left, she lost her studies because of me, and she did not choose to go back…

In 2005, that day, I left. I took away everything that really left her, took away her words, and left her promises…

For two years, I didn’t care about her, and I didn’t know how she was doing. I didn’t contact her actively, and I didn’t greet her on her birthday. I didn’t give her a gift on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t accompany her at times, and I hurt her again and again, making her sad! Two years later, I returned to the place where I left, and only then did I realize that she had been waiting for me all the time, waiting… She had given two years and happiness for a Cheng Ruo.

I don’t know if I’m touched or indebted… I started to cry for her, sad because of her sadness.

Finally, I found that I had found love, and it seemed that I understood love at once! Love her to give her everything, love her to make her happy, love her to make her happy, love her to give her a warm home. To love her means to share for her when she is sad; to accompany her when she is happy; to comfort her when she is lost; to cheer for her when she is victorious. Step on a flower for her in spring, drive away mosquitoes for her in summer, clean up the fallen leaves in her heart in autumn, and put on a coat for her in winter!

These are all small sacrifices, love, it is because of these small sacrifices, small touches that are great and profound. Love is selfless giving, not to get her, not to have her, but to make her happy…happiness…

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