The sub-category of the relationship between the sexes, which relationship are you in?

This is an extremely subdivided order. In real life, it is generally not necessary to divide it so finely. It is entirely possible to take only a few of the explanations for segmentation, or use these rules and regulations to define the relationship between yourself and others.

The sorting order is from farthest to nearest; these categories are not evenly distributed.

1. One Night Stand (ONS)

You don’t even know who he is, and you don’t care, but there must have been sex. You most likely don’t have her contact information, and it’s almost impossible to know her real name.

2. Hookup/Fuck Buddy

The purpose of the relationship is to have sex, and if there is no sexual need, then the person will not be contacted. I don’t usually chat, I just ask if I’m free tonight/weekends. Both parties don’t care if the other party engages anyone in any name, and if they talk about other coexisting relationships, it’s usually for sex in bed. You may not know his real name, but there is his contact information and a code name.

1-2 are collectively referred to as “dates”, because the basic classification is very simple and clear; 1 refers specifically to “one-night stands”.

3. Friends with Benefit (FWB)

This is an “uncommon” friend who can go to bed. It may be an ordinary friend who “couldn’t help himself” at one time, or it may be that they meet each other on a date but find that they can actually chat. You will chat more or less about things that you and other ordinary friends will chat about, such as delicious restaurants, fun games; but meeting is more about making a time to do something casually and finally go to bed. Neither party considers further dating, and there is a small probability that one party may like the other party. You should know his real name, maybe know him like a normal friend.

4. Casual Date

Both of you like each other quite a bit, and have expressed a little bit of your heart, but at least one of you doesn’t want to fall in love or to have a formal relationship. There is a little more admiration than FWB, if the feelings heat up, maybe you can go to the next step. You and ta talk a lot, and it doesn’t have to be to have sex. You can take it out to play with your friends if you want, but you probably won’t tell your colleagues. You can casually date other people at the same time (doesn’t belong and there is no cheating), but you don’t really want to mention it in front of them; it would be a bit immoral to bring three other partners to eat together. From here on, sexuality is no longer the essence of your relationship with him, but a possibility of your own will.

3-4 is probably an “ambiguous relationship”, and if you are not careful, you will not be able to tell whether he is an “ambiguous object” or a “sexual partner”. 3 is closer to a somewhat ambiguous sexual partner, 4 is closer to an ambiguous object who can have sex, and it may also be “fair competition” or “fishing” behavior. In addition, it is not excluded that some people do not want to admit that they want to have sex, and use the casual date as a fig leaf, which is an “excuse”.

5. (Exclusive) Date

Both parties are sure that they like each other and date each other, and the day-to-day date is because you are happy to be together. Basically know each other and know each other, and will continue to deepen understanding of each other. Both parties commit/acquiesce to a one-on-one date; if you date another person at the same time, it’s cheating and morally condemned. It’s okay to tell friends and family that you’re dating someone, but you don’t necessarily take them to meet your parents. Although I don’t necessarily talk about marriage, I occasionally think about it in my heart. Breakups often require a fairly reasonable reason.

6. (Serious) Relationship

Be very serious about dating and there’s a good chance you’ll marry this person, at least you start talking about it. You will come and go on all occasions, and participate in important events of each other’s family, such as the 60th birthday of the seventh aunt and the second wedding of the eighth aunt. Look for the opportunity to meet each other’s parents, everyone should know your relationship. Maybe you can give birth to a child, and generally won’t break up without a problem of principle.

5-6 belong to the “dating” on the bright side, commonly known as “falling in love”, and 6 is the kind that can be talked about marriage.

7. Engagement

Engaged, no surprise you will be married soon. You have already decided that he is the right person, and if he is not right, this is the “last” chance for correction.

8. Marriage

Get married and you are ready to face the future of life together. The concept of community property appeared, and if you cheated, you would be at fault if you sue for divorce.

7-8 There is no significant difference. 4-8 can be without sex, such as asexual marriage also exists.


In addition, there is an ambiguous relationship in China that does not involve close contact. I think this category is still classified as friends. Of course, you can also add more than friendship. This relationship is more similar to casual date (more emphasis on affection) than friends with benefits (more emphasis on the occurrence of sexual relations).

There is also a Crush that is often mentioned, that is, someone unilaterally has a strong infatuation with other people, usually for a short period of time. How far it can be developed depends on motivation and luck. Crush is a person’s emotion, not a relationship between two people.

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