The secret that women like whips

Are women born with masochism? Indeed, do women have masochism? Indeed, women do. Then let’s take a look at the secrets of female “masochism”.

“If you go to a woman, don’t forget to bring a whip”

Nietzsche said, if you go to a woman, don’t forget to bring a whip. After watching “Tie Me Up, Tie Me Up”, “Cultivating Desires in the Forbidden Room”, and “Shanghai Yiren Prostitution House”, I still don’t understand why women still have strange feelings for the male protagonist after being abused, until I watched it. Li Yinhe’s “Sadomasochism Subculture” first knew that there was the word “sadomania”. Here, pathological sadism is not advocated.

However, it is undeniable that women have such a masochistic mentality in their hearts. It is a signal that is soft to the extreme yin to the extreme, eager to combine with the strong yang.

Of course, whether it’s abuse or abuse, it’s not the essence, abuse is just a form of expression. If you can find pleasure in abuse, that’s fine. Freud wrote that every pain contains the possibility of pleasure.

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